1up and Lair: "One word really comes to mind: Epic"

Much has already been said about how the game plays, so after spending some hands-on time with the near final five playable levels -- about a third of the game -- 1up have some thoughts:

#1 -- Playing Lair, one word really comes to mind: Epic.

Seriously, the experience of flying through these stunning, expansive landscapes with tons going on all around you and a fantastic orchestral score playing underneath is really quite something. You've simply not experienced anything like this before -- certainly not on this scale.

The lighting and weather effects (lightning and rain were specifically impressive), the draw distance (you can see for miles and miles), the amount of on screen action at times (tons of other dragons flying through the air, ships in the sea, and warriors on the ground), and the ability to simply and seamlessly switch between fighting high in the sky and down on the ground -- this is absolutely a next generation experience.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4225d ago

Flying and fighting? Don't fl^^^^me, just asking.

Visual stunning and Epic, that I like! ^_^

BitbyDeath4225d ago

isn't that kinda like looking at an FPS and saying isn't there more to this than running and shooting?

You can get off your dragon in the game but it's not recommended cause you'd likely get slaughtered.

There is a storyline too if that's what you mean?

Phantom_Lee4225d ago

U cant fight without the dargon...
u can get off, but not for fighting

but this game should be good, its been awhile since I play this kind of game....

Frulond4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

"u can get off, but not for fighting"

maybe to take a dump?

sorry I need my morning coffee (._. )

I was hyped about this game and some videos look stunning, is just... some bad screenshots came up and the game looked bad. I'm still looking forward to it but I'll check the demo first (can't wait for a demo download on PSN), which makes me happy I can download demos before getting shafted with a bad game like happened a couple times on PS2... I had a subscription to OPM but they killed the mag last winter and well... there weren't always the demos of the games I was interested in.

Anyway, hoping to hear news about this demo and an official release date.

Blackmoses4225d ago

this game looks really nice. Very impressed by the looks of it.

Xi4225d ago

so I'm going to hold my judgment until I get a rental. But so far I've seen nothing "Epic" yet.

Hydrolex4225d ago

Just Stop at 00:43 and look at that ! Xbox 360 never can handle that !

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The story is too old to be commented.