Out of map experiences in Halo 3 beta

The Halo 3 beta has been out for a few days now and the hacker/modder/explorers among the community have been hard at work trying to break the game. Well, not really break the game, but exploiting the beta's weaknesses.

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ASSASSYN 36o4265d ago

This is great news...because that is what we (beta testers) are all supposed to do.

Extra Guy4265d ago

None of that seemed unfair to me. If i were in a game with poeple scaling those buildings in that manner i wouldn't complain; it not as if there's an advantage to them. On the other hand modded files should be prevented.

Rhezin4265d ago

it takes away from the game I think it's just plain cheating. Just play the damn beta the way it is and if your bored with it GET A NEW GAME

Extra Guy4265d ago

How is it cheating may i ask? The ways i saw were perfectly legit, just using the scape to ones advantage. It's just what happens in real life. If however their flying around like superman without any normal means then yes it should be ironed out.

Saint Sony4265d ago

Beta testers are supposed to find all these things and test the levels so exploits can be fixed.

Havince4265d ago

its good that problems are being found

but its bad when people are delib, creating things that ruin it for other people.

but then, you dont hav 2 play it do you

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