Home (Playstation Network) - Gamers Day 07 On Stage Demonstration

Take a look at this new Home footage, taken from the Sony Gamers Day Event. Sony gave a quick run down of the application's features, and with the release scheduled for later this year, things are shaping up nicely....

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pshizle4480d ago

=PORN with men everywhere and more PORN =)

3D is not faster than 2D example OS

but 3D can be more fun to some

MySwordIsHeavenly4480d ago

Dude, you're HIGH!

My friend is BETA testing it RIGHT NOW!!!

Add Sephiroth7 on your PSN friends's my friend Wes. He says it's incredible!

BitbyDeath4480d ago

can you tell him to ask sony to add in a run feature. I'm sure someone's prolly done it by now but moving about the home slightly faster than a walk would be better

IPlayGames4480d ago

With the psp u can instant travel between different areas in the home world. (games, theaters, personal house etc..)

But a run feat. would be nice

"Cant wait to come home to come home"

Bill Gates4480d ago

This is going to BLOW UP like YouTube.

Eldon34480d ago

Im still a little bitter for not getting in on the beta.