Reports of Little Interest in Blue-Ray & HD DVD

Last winter, I reported that installers and retailers weren't seeing much interest in Blu-ray and HD DVD, despite the hype surrounding both formats. But with the recent introduction of new dual-format players from LG, Samsung and HP, has anything changed at the dealer level?

In order to avoid the spin machines of Sony and Toshiba, I went to manufacturer's reps whose brands aren't involved with either format to find their opinions and those of their dealers.

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snoop_dizzle4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

The cheapest you can buy a blu-ray player is 600 dollars, which is the PS3, but its not selling really well, at least compared to sony's own standard from previous years. But the upside to blu-ray is the # of movie studios behind it. HD DVD players are cheaper but they have less movies out, so both formats have some issues. Though Blu-ray has the edge.

Granted in a year or two we will probably see blu-ray do a lot better, with increased PS3 sales, lower priced blu-ray players(maybe the PS3 as well) and HDDVD become obsolete, but just because blu-ray is doing better than HDDVD, doesn't mean Blu-ray doing well over all.

For now, movies are fine on DVD for a lot of people apparently.

In about a year or two, when more people buy HDTV's though, we will see better blu-ray sales, and when we see blu-ray player prices go down as well.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4476d ago

I wonder when this format war will end, no one but movie buffs realy care anyway. For god sake DVD will still be king for the next 10 years anyway due to price and familiarity.

snoop_dizzle4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

There is quite an increase in HDTV sales, and in a few years it will increase more. Then we will probably see bluray take over, because of what was mentioned before, cheaper blu-ray players(possibly the PS3 as well), and better educated consumers.

Right now its beginning to show that there are starting to be more educated consumers, but most don't know what the terms HDMI, Blu-ray etc mean.

But in a few years we will see more smarter consumers buying bluray.

ITR4476d ago

Well our Wal-mart's here doesn't even push HD-DVD or Blu-Ray movies.

I picked up some meds at Wally World today and I ask the lady in Elec. where are all the HD titles.
"She said we don't stock them, but you can buy them online."
I've been to 5 Wally Worlds here...and came up with 1 X-Men Blu Ray movie.

Target sells both but they don't push them.

DVD will be around for another 5 yrs at least. I'd put money on that.
People with 300 movies will not just change formats on a whim.
I know I won't.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4476d ago

will be victorious if only because of Sony's ties to the movie industry.

Satanas4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Spelling has not been fixed. It's "Blu-ray". The "e" is non existent. Also, make sure it is written in third person. =)

Edit: I see it still hasn't been'd think people would be able to spell it by now.

Close_Second4476d ago many general consumers who have been put off buying a PS3 because they are not sure which HD format is going to win the war. I mean, if only the Blu-Ray standard existed, would more consumers have jumped onto the PS3 band wagon as they wanted an inexpensive HD option for movie playback?

Saint Sony4476d ago

I would not buy PS3 just because it has blu-ray. Why? It won't take long when ps3 blu-ray is ancient what comes to player choices and prolly cannot be replaced because it's integrated. There are already faster players.

Even if PS3 is the cheapest blu-ray system on the market and comes with a gaming console it still sells badly. Hard to say why, but I guess it's the price and lack of big exclusives...or maybe the reason is indeed the HD format war which is kinda hard to believe.

Boink4476d ago

they both suck, that's why they are loosing...

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The story is too old to be commented.