NPD Report: Canada sees Massive increase in sales

While sales-chart fanatics sweat out the wait for the NPD Group's US game industry retail sales figures for April, the Canadian arm of the research firm has released its own totals for the month.

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NextGen24Gamer4476d ago

The Wii is outseling All "next Gen" consoles in every territory....

And the 360 is outselling the Ps3 in USA, Europe, and Canada.

I'm only referring to next gen consoles. Since those are the consoles of the future.

In my opinion the Wii is doing what its suppose to do as the cheaper "NEW" console.

The 360 is doing very well after over a year on the market....

And the ps3 is doing poorly as a "new" console....given how much hype it had prior to launch. Interesting indeed.

techie4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Ahh yes numbers. Elite's favorite thing. You not been watching the ps3 games elite? Haven't seen a comment so far? Or perhaps the PS3 is just a fictional object in your world that only deserves two things...bad sales and failure.

NextGen24Gamer4476d ago

I'm only commenting on the article buddy. In regards to your comment about "Games". I have every Ps3 game available. And I'm dissappointed thus far.

But there are games I look foward to on both consoles. But I will not hide how elated I am about my 360 purchases just to make it seem like I'm fair. I'm not fair. Life isn't fair. I tell it like it is from my perspective as a Console and PC Gamer. I, unlike you, have no allegence to "ONE" console. Do you have a Ps3 buddy? A 360? A Wii?

Now let me get back to Halo 3 Beta.

techie4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

No Elite. This is the biggest day for Sony games in a long time. There has been a media blow out. Yet you show NO interest. The only interest you show is in trivial PS3 failing news, so "I, unlike you, have no allegence to "ONE" console" keep telling yourself that buddy.

Odion...I agree there are games on all consoles which are amazing, but this was not about PS3 having superior games. This was about Elite's faux "elite gamer" personna

Odion4476d ago

Both of you don't start this into a flamewar, Elite there is no need to spout of doom, Deep they showed off new games nothing that is going to be god of this year, Nintendo and MS have yet to have their days so enough.

PS360WII4476d ago

Those numbers where good for Nintendo. Wii beat out DS, combination of both had 4 out of the top 5 in software, and it had the top 3 accessories sold...

Tommie4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

Does anyone have the full top 10 of software sales with numbers for this? The Gamespot article has only half of the top 10.

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