Rampage World Tour On PSN Store Tonight

Sony has announced that tonight they are releasing the SOE remake of the arcade classic, Rampage World Tour, through the North American PLAYSTATION Store. Priced at the standard rate of a mere $4.99, the downloadable title allows you to play as any of the three classic Rampage characters as you tear down skyscapers and generally terrorize the city. The game also offers multiplayer action for up to three people, online or local - no word on if it supports voice chat though.

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PhinneousD4261d ago

cool if you like rampage. but this is a crappy dated arcade port without a graphical update. i'll pass on this one.

pilotpistolpete4261d ago

I was hoping for a good demo (a la SGS). Too bad, the playstation store needs to get some new, good content, not just a few videos and a mediocre arcade game.