God of War III :Developer interview with Art Director Ken Feldman and Lead Animator Bruno Velazquez.

Peter Rizkalla of CGsociety writes :

This is the kind of franchise that sets up a bar for the game industry to jump. 'God of War' first established itself as a new IP on the PlayStation 2 and has since breathed new life into the once dying action/adventure game genre. Art Director Ken Feldman and Lead Animator Bruno Velazquez saw this project as not just another challenge but an opportunity to really spread their wings creatively. Being that this is the first 'God of War' title to be released on the PS3, Ken Feldman and Bruno Velazquez give us a picture of how the development of 'God of War III' progressed from the beginning until now.

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beavis4play4873d ago

"“The story we are telling is a horrific visceral version of Greek mythology. Moments like the Helios head rip, fit perfectly into that definition. Based on the fans’ reactions at E3 and Comic-Con, you can be sure there will more graphic moments in 'God of War III'."'

HELL....... YEAH!