Xbox Live Bans Have Started is being flooded by posts of users with modified Xbox 360s being banned from Xbox Live.

Microsoft hasn't officially responded on the subject but it seems to be a perfect timming for them considering the Halo 3 Beta launch and the upcoming avalaunch of big exclusives, starting with Forza Motorsport 2 this month.


Microsoft officially responded:

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fenderputty4197d ago

was modded. I used to play XBC all the time beacuse of it. I guess MS hasn't fixed that problem. Still ... modding your xbox isn't that easy and required some soddering. I don't know if it's the same for the 360 but, if it is, it's kind of risky for a rather expensive peice of equipment.

Eternal E 8084197d ago

modding dosent bother me unless its for cheating then the more the marrier these ppl get banned.

Vojkan4197d ago

If your 360 is modded than that is illegal act. So why are this people whining? Shut up and deal with consequences

Merovee4197d ago

But no actually it is not illegal. MS can legally stop them from using the service but once they've bought an Xbox it becomes their property, to do with as they see fit. Just like software, nothing can stop you from hacking the software you bought, you can modify it in any way for any reason but you cannot redistribute it for any reason (unless of course it's in an opensource format and your following the rules of the open source agreement) however once you do the company can refuse you warranty and service.

snoop_dizzle4197d ago

naughty naughty

Just remember this

What would Sean Connery Do?

Xi4197d ago

your the man now dog

Grown Folks Talk4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

but i'm not just a parking lot attendant. i'm the supervisor of all parking lot attendants.

gta_cb4197d ago

im starting to worry about you now! *worried face*

fenderputty4197d ago

can you show me? lol ....

shotty4197d ago

fender, actually both consoles haven't been hacked in that way. I remember how the ps3 could backup games through linuix and on the xbox 360 you can play back burned games with a modded dvd firmware.

Merovee4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

You do know the difference between bypassing a format encryption and hacking a system right? Guess not.

As for the OS's.... that was an included feature of PS3 from launch day, there was no hack, just a simple Install. The instructions are right in the user manual. Any new version of the Linux core was capable of running on the system, YD and more recently Ubuntu were being pushed due to the smaller form of the core they were running (they use fewer resources and thus preform more adequately on a console due to memory constraints). XP was being run through VMware through Linux. It was a Linux hack to enable it not a PS3 hack.

I did however love watching all the modders whine like crazy after the read ROFL. Boo, Sobs us hahaha. Silly cheaters.

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The story is too old to be commented.