Kotaku: Conan Video Impressions

Brian Crecente from recently saw in game footage, and details on the upcoming game Conan.

Heres what he said,

"The game is centered around a Robert E. Howard Conan, a young barbarian first setting out on his own to make a name for himself. It has the character's trademark storylines, Conan's lithe fighting style, his savage attacks, the developer explains, even his womanizing."

He also said,

"The attacks and their bloody results do well to replicate the way the books and early Savage Sword magazines depicted the battles Conan seemed to always getting himself into . And it's got the Camel Punch as an attack. True, that's from the so-bad-it's-good Conan the Barbarian movie, but it was one of the best scenes in the whole damn movie, and it's great that the developers decided to throw this little Conan pop-culture references in the game."

To see the video and more information, click on the link.

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