New PSP "Definitely" Coming

Next-Gen spoke with Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, who said that sources indicate Sony "definitely" has a revamped PSP in the works.

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gta_cb4477d ago

good and bad.

good cos well... its always good to get a better handheld, but they have only recently said there focusing on the PSP more. and as a PSP owner it has seemed like there was LITTLE focus on the PSP so with this new PSP, i hope they dont forget about the rest of us who have brought a PSP

Babylonian4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

I think they will anounce it during E3. I shouldn't worry about your current PSP, cause they won't change it that much. It's going to be just like a slimeline PS1 or PS2.

The changes may be a brighter screen, more batery life and low cost chips in it. So I wouldn't worry that much, the support will be the same.

Eldon34477d ago

I wont care unless they put in a second analog stick.

silent ninja4477d ago

i think they should focus on psp for while. this new psp is not gonna bring any thing new except multifunction capabilties and connection to ps3

Yo Mama4477d ago

Of course a new PSP is coming! Sony wouldn't have sent out that questionnaire to Underground members asking for suggestions if they weren't gonna do it. Why is everyone acting surprised?

gta_cb4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

i must have missed the news about Sony asking for suggestions.

PS360WII4477d ago

I don't think they'll change much of it nor leave us with the original in the dust. With this new jump of attention PSP is getting with titles people are really starving for, and with the psn store coming out for it, along with the connectivity for the PS3 it needs a new design to make everyone else look at the psp again. People were starting to get turned off by the psp so with the new mind set they have a redesign of it would fit perfect into selling even more. I'm sure with the new version that just means the old version is going to get another price drop and then you could go either way cuz frankly the one out now is pretty good still(and yes even without the second analog stick)

gta_cb4477d ago

took the words out of my mouth, plus more!

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The story is too old to be commented.