Folklore: PS3's visually stunning RPG wows 1up yet again.

By far the most surprising game at Sony's San Diego press event this week was the RPG Folklore. Previously known as Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realm, and bizarrely titled Folks Soul in Japan (thank-freaking-goodness they changed the name for the U.S.), it's a pleasant surprise from the folks who brought us Genji.

Garnett somewhat famously referred to Folklore as "the best looking RPG you've never heard of" at the Tokyo Game Show last year, and was absolutely correct in his assertion then and still is today. Folklore yet again came out of nowhere -- and yet again wowed everyone with its stunning visuals. Mixing color-rich high-def environments with characters featuring an almost Tim Burton quality to them, Folklore has a brilliant visual style. At times, its dreamy colorful world reminded me of Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.

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lil bush4475d ago

looks f-ing sick my god another sony game thats just looks fantastic...........

consolewar4475d ago

Release date?

BTW: I dont really like that motion thing, what's up with that.

tehcellownu4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Goin to release in japan this summer and fall in NA.. I want some reviews for this game..the video looks really nice.. you should go to and watch all the video..its looks beautiful..

kewlkat0074475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Me liky..

Looking good. Jeeze I didn't know they made that GENJI game, looks like they are learning how to make Much Better games. I wonder what this game is about, as far as the Story. Japanese Folklore is my guess..

Seems like these guys love to make titles involving japanese culture, nevertheless looks Great. Taking advantage of the Sixaxis, hopefully it works. I know this is SONY's day, well I'll keep an eye out for this one.

thx Deep.

techie4475d ago

yeah it's a shame about Genji, because it's visually stunning

fenderputty4475d ago

The people who developed Genji could dev a great looking game. I just didn't know if they could dev a game that plays well too. The camera angles in Genji ruined it. It appears as though this isn't the case here. Also, the motion control here looks real cool. I can't wait to try this out. If more info comes out, this might be one more game I have to buy this year.

weekapaugh4475d ago

personally i don't like RPGs but that looked very cool...

XxZxX4475d ago

Sony is doing a timberlake.
Bringin' the sexy back.

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The story is too old to be commented.