IGN: Heavenly Sword Progress Report

It's been a year since Ninja Theory first revealed a playable version of its artistic slasher, Heavenly Sword, and the 12-month pass has meant very good things for it -- particularly in regards to the visuals.

In fact, of all the first-party games on display at Sony's Spring Gamer's Day, Heavenly Sword had the best lighting and shadowing effects of the bunch. Animations, character models, special effects and the overall aesthetics weren't too bad either. Yes, even in its unfinished state, it's quite a beautiful game.

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lil bush4482d ago

will be a great game, to me one of the years best

deepujatt20054481d ago

can't wait for this game :-)

bootsielon4481d ago

Adding more weapons, big bosses, magic, special moves, and better AI? You know, things that make the game better, not the art or graphics or music better. Yes, the last things improve the experience, but the gameplay needs to beat God of War, Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. I hope we haven't seen anything, otherwise this game might underdeliver. I hope it delivers.