PS3 News Fest - MotorStorm's New Track Revealed

Sony's senior producer Pete Smith fleshed out the the new MotorStorm driving mode: Time Attack, telling SPOnG, "This is more than a simple time trial. You'll be able to record your best lap for each circuit, and we have global leaderboards and about the top 250 cars will be stored, so you can race against the best in the world. You'll be able to download up to eight ghost cars for a race." You won't have to pay, thankfully, for Time Attack, and it will appear on 25 May.

MotorStorm's New Track
Then on June 1, Sony will put Premium Content Pack One on the PSN, whose main feature will be a new track called Coyote Revenge. Smith said: "This is based on a reversed Coyote Rage, although there is so much that's new about it that you won't recognise it." Pack One will also include three new Tickets, including Coyote Weekend, which will yield an unlockable car (alas, what class it belongs in has not yet been revealed). Plus, there will be a new online mode called Eliminator, in which: "You'll have 20 seconds to catch and overtake the person in front of you". And the pack will include a new Big Rig and a new Rally Car. When we find out how much this Pack One will cost, we'll let you know; in the meantime, it's good to hear that MotorStorm continues to evolve online.

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fenderputty4482d ago

It's nice they are updating things. It better not cost much though to buy. In my opinion, no matter how fun the game is, it lacked this extra track and modes from the begining. Charging us an arm and a leg for something that should have been there day one is kinda lame.

Blackmoses4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

I guess I'd better beat the game first....

Coffin874482d ago

they really want some MONEY from me for that one reversed track????????

i waited 4 f*ckin months to finally get my ps3, i paid 200€ more than a japanese consumer, i have to f*ckin wait for everything to finnaly arrive (here in europe), and now they want me to funckin pay for a reversed track???

sry, no.

ITR4482d ago

Coffin you right.

Why pay for a reverse track when it should've been included any way.

I would pay for some gravel/asphalt/dirt tracks!

Maddens Raiders4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

I've laid off playing the game for the past week simply because I need some new challenges and know that all the records (online) will be reset in June. This new content will aid in my quick return to this great title. Beware Jin Kazama aka

[email protected] above: Dude, there is more than just one track in conlusion of new content. Re-read the article.

fenderputty4482d ago

I don't mind paying either. I just don't want to pay anything more then 5.99 for it.

THE_JUDGE4482d ago

but man this news sure makes me wanna run out and get it.

XxZxX4482d ago

Evolve with payment = go fuk yourself to me.

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