Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 sales all increase on Ebay

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii, Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360, and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 collectively increased in the latest sales data from Ebay.
Wii was the best-selling video game system ranking at No. 1. Sales in the past two weeks increased by four percent, unchanged from the previous week. It carried an average sale price of $348.02.

The Xbox 360 ranked in the No. 2 position with a two-percent increase in sales, up from a zero percent increase the week prior. It held an average sale price of $344.04.

The PS3 received the largest increase in the same period at seven percent, up from four percent one week ago. The latest Playstation carried an average sale price of $532.10.

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gta_cb4481d ago

the thing i dont understand, except for the Nintendo Wii, is that there isnt shortages (as far as i know) for the PS3 or Xbox 360 so why are people going for ebay when retailers normally offer better deals, unless people are offering better deals on ebay, but then arnt they making a loss themselves? .... *confused face*

eepiccolo4481d ago

They give average sale data in the article, but don't differentiate between the type of XBOX or PS3, nor do they take into account that often games and accessories are bundled with the auctions. Anyway, as far as I can tell the PS3 and XBOX are (in general) at or slightly below retail, while the Wii is well above.

lil bush4481d ago

please tell me, why buy a ps3/360 on ebay when you can just go to target,wm, or bestbuy, someone please tell me.......

Phantom_Lee4480d ago

they dont want to leave the house....

gta_cb4480d ago

thats what i was saying in my long post lol (#1)

unsunghero284481d ago

The Wii's avg price is >360's...

gta_cb4480d ago

i am pretty sure its because the Nintendo Wii is STILL very hard to get in shops, where as like stated 3times above the Xbox 360 and PS3 you can just go down to your local retailer and pick one up.

DirtyRat4480d ago

The Wii saw huge demand because its still very hard to buy in a shop so people are willing to pay over the RRP.

I think its madness for people to buy a 360 on Ebay, you wont save much and if its second hand you probably wont get the warranty.

PS3 sales I can understand since the console is so expensive and people are looking for a deal.

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