Sony's Jack Tretton talks rumble, Metal Gear, and Microsoft on [email protected]

"I think the game that we're most excited about that we've seen from the third-party community is probably Metal Gear Solid, that's the one people talk about the most. I think recently Ninja Gaiden Sigma is looking pretty cool, and Devil May Cry 4 is looking good, too. The Japanese developers are really producing some great stuff, which is evident by these games."

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gta_cb4482d ago

this COULD turn nasty (flamewar)

gta_cb4482d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

just to add, i skim read the article (which is 3 pages!) and i read this and what hes saying is correct and NO denying it.

"I don't know. I would guess that the medical community would take help from anywhere they could get it, but the commentary that I heard is that Stanford isn't sure that [the Xbox 360's processing abilities] would help them very much, which is odd to be because if it helped at all, it seems like they would welcome it with open arms." ([email protected] question, on page 3)

so with this in mind it does make you think, why are they not "welcome it with open arms" soon as though the Xbox 360 is more powerful then alot of high end PCs. and they sure are welcoming all PC users with open arms.

but ohwell only time will tell what happens, and please dont flamewar with each other about this again, there was a recent thread about [email protected] on Xbox 360 and there was about 100-200 comments with you lot flaming.


@ snoop_dizzle (above)

yeh i kinda knew that deep inside, but hey people CAN suprise us... but not likely i know


@ snoop_dizzle (below)

yes and i have thought this many times when there has been flaming (flamewars)

they say the Xbox 360 can produce something like 116 teraflops (been a while since i read the interview/article it was on) and the PS3 can produce something like 209 teraflops (again been a while as same interview/article)
which is impressive when it comes to [email protected] as, as far as i know folding requires the CPU not the GPU (in the console version) although i could be wrong.

so with the PS3 being nearly 2times as good (stated by the article) then there would have to be about twice as much Xbox 360s sold then PS3s. but hold on a second, UNLESS i AM MISSING something here, there is alot more then 2times as many Xbox 360s sold then PS3s!

which makes it very confusing when they dont "welcome it with open arms" (Xbox 360) especially when the PS3 does [email protected] about 30x quicker then the average PC, so this would mean that the Xbox 360 could do at least if not more (if they can use the GPU aswell) 15x quicker then the average PC. and as we KNOW they welcome all PC owners it just doesnt make sence to me why Stanford is saying the Xbox 360 practicly isnt needed (cant remember what they said, but it mite aswell be the same)

snoop_dizzle4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

With more 360 sold in total, that should help.

With that and the combination of the PS3's, that could really help couldn't it?

techie4481d ago

WHy would it turn nasty. I thought it was a surprisingly good interview

gta_cb4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

the reason it could/can/mite/will get nasty is because someone that doesnt like Xbox 360 will say something like

"see Xbox 360 isnt welcomed by the University as the XBox 360 would break from blah blah blah"

or someone who doesnt like PS3 will come in and say something like

"this is complete BULLSH!T blah blah blah"

ans then it will kick off, and there ya go.

dont get me wron deep, i read/skim read the whole 3 page article which is more then i can say for the people who will come in here and comment when its approved. and i can honestly say there is some information in there that i wanted as i own a PSP, and will one day own a PS3. but as soon as people see the title

"and Microsoft on [email protected]"

you know there will be fanboys come in and post bogus comments =(


@ deep (above)

yeh sorry but i wanted you to understand that i wasnt just presuming, and had a reason.

also just wanted to say i dont come in and make flamewars (as far as i know, if im wrong then let me know) and when i saw this article, that bit i mentioned stood out to me.... maybe its just because i have noticed it doesnt take alot to start some people off here lol.

techie4481d ago

Haha they would now after you've done some selective quoting! What you like? lol

WilliamRLBaker4481d ago

your talking about fanboys, Sony and microsoft could join together for one day and some how find a cure for cancer and the fanboys would still riot....thats the essence of fanboyism.

SimmoUK4481d ago

I'm proud of Sony for not getting into a slagging match with Microsoft over folding at home it's really sad... Microsoft were comparing PS3 to dreamcast in there last interview which is kinda funny, seeing as Sega was a quarter of the size of Sony and didn't own many film or game studios, they didn't even have enough money to stay on the market, Sony has deep pocket's there not going anywhere especially with the software line up over the coming years...

kewlkat0074481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

HE SAID, SHE SAID Nonsense...Stick to the article at least

Xi4481d ago

nothing from gamepro is worth reading imho.

Bonsai12144481d ago

this is. i was expecting sony PR, but its actually informative

Xi4481d ago

not about sony pr or anything like that I just think that gamepro and gamesradar are horrible sites.

tehcellownu4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

Im lookin forward when they will be improving the SIXAXIX controllers..They need to show a new controllers this E3..come on sony do it..I one of the few PS3 owners that loves vibration..but i can still live without it..but since sony can bring it back..they should!! Im hype for the new PS3 games too!!

@6: its not only PSN game..there is games that is being devlope specifically for the ps3..

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