Kotaku: LittleBigPlanet Hands On

Brian Crecente of recently got to play some of LittleBigPlanet.

Here is what he thought of the game,

"The controls were, for the most part, very easy to understand. Tilting the controller around controlled the head movements, pushing buttons activated the pre-selected emotions for the face, holding in the triggers and wiggling around the thumbsticks controlled the arms and holding another trigger let you grab things and drag them around."

He also said,

"What was most amazing about my time with the game was the fact that I just played around with one little area that they created, I didn't get a chance to make my own things or see what else could be built. I think this game would have legs even if it was just a straight-up, side-scroller with a pack of pre-created maps, but throw in user created content and I think you've got the potential for a smash hit on your hands."

For more information on what he said, the Overview of the game, and the Features of the game, click the link.

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that's cool if you're like six.