PlayStation Home - Official Changelog version 1.3

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Game Launching, new emotes, portable items, faster loading, 3d previews of items and much much more!

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Lookbehind3309d ago

Don't use home much,but a lot of that stuff is all free.

Kleptic3309d ago

yeah I don't either...used it a lot for E3...that was great, as well as the GDC stuff later on...

but for gaming its still way killzone 2 box says "ps home" in its support box...yet no home space...and we probably won't get one now...and most spaces are kind of pointless overall...

still fun to clink around in sometimes with a group of people...but I am very glad its free, as I definitely wouldn't be paying for it...

BulletToothtony3309d ago

of how good it's gotten.. a bunch of great minigames.. the singstar space was fun.. a lot of great stuff.. if someone hasn't logged on in a while.. it's definitely worth visiting again..

starvinbull3309d ago

Really good update. They need another 2-3 of those before it'll appeal to a broad audience. Nearly a year in Beta, what's up with that?

Perkel3309d ago

universal game launching.. yeyyyy !

BX813309d ago

Idk, for me home sucks.

Campy da Camper3309d ago

Is pretty cool. Hope its available on the Hold Em table. It would be nice to not have to sit and hover over a chair.

EDIT: Cross Game chat any day please!

inFAMOUS_KRATOS3309d ago

im guessing the update its coming.

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