Eight Days and The Getaway 3 are not dropped

During an interview with a french media, a member of Sony London talks about the games Eight Days and TG3. The two aren't dead but in stand-by. Good news it seems that they are 50% over

2 videos for ED on youtube.

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PirateThom4010d ago

Numerous people, including myself, called this.

spongeboob4010d ago

When i read the initial report on these 2 games it clearly stated that they where being put on hold no being canceled. The cancellation of these games was pure media speculation. Anyways i am glad that they are both back on track and they will both be day 1 buys for me.

Greywulf4010d ago

2011 just got better... lol.

callahan094010d ago

I looked into the article and it cites an interview by GameSpot, but I went to GameSpot and can't find this interview?

Jigga694010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

callahan09 > That's not gamespot but gamekult actually. This is a mistake by the translate thing.

jut4204010d ago

Very happy both games are not canceled. Eight Days' tech demo showed one of the most impressive cover systems I've ever seen. Also, I'm a big fan of The Getaway series, so this is great news. I still have both the PS2 Getaway titles in my collection.

DaTruth4010d ago

The media wanted to pretend they were dropped so they could get back to making "PS3 has no games" articles!

Sarcasm4010d ago

Well people do have to understand, Sony HAVE to think years ahead especially how they keep claiming 10 year lifecycles. And it shows. Come on, do peoeple really think that Sony will just sit around and scratch their chests like Nintendo does? No. They HAVE to keep pumping out exclusives to keep people interested.

So hopefully the Getaway and Eight Days will eventually come to fruition.

ZipSpeed094010d ago

The Playstation 3: The Epic System of Games

Nathaniel_Drake4010d ago

Yeah I knew those games weren't cancelled

badz1494010d ago

but this just means more exclusives are coming! keep it up Sony, you're continuously sucking my wallet dry but I love it!

Prototype4010d ago

It's interesting how if something got pushed back or on hold its automatically put into "Vaporware" even if the company keeps the comments to 0. It's to the point where unless someone says yes/no people will believe rumours over common sense.

Those games better be worth the wait...

But I remember The Getaway it was the first PS2 game I remember that threw the F bomb (boy I was shocked but happy).

Microsoft Xbox 3604010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Just keep bringing them AAA exclusives Sony, and you will always have my money. Eight Days and Getaway will surely be day one for me.

Saigon4010d ago

I remember fighting with because they swore up and down it was cancelled...well it looks like i got my revenge...

rockleex4010d ago

Including reviving video games! O_O

Consoldtobots4010d ago

yeah I remember those days very clearly, it was mainly the 360 fanboys on here that went into a circle jerk because their mantra at the time was that the PS3 was a "dying system" to which Sony was only "months away" from pulling the plug on.

silly wabbits ignorance is for fanboys.

SolidAhmed4009d ago

these projects are needed for the future

Kain814009d ago

...but no one believed me...

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wxer4010d ago

"Eight Days and The Getaway 3 are not dropped"


so those cool games are still coming out ??

Eight Days on uncharted's engine would be EPIC
That game already looks EPIC

as i said before
when you own a PS3 is like when you are in a candy store

chisox1004010d ago

it would be awesome if they brought them back and had them use the motion control

kaveti66164010d ago

There could be head tracking for the cover system in 8 days, where the player could move their head to see around walls and stuff.


I think Sony want these games to look better than Uncharted 2 or any other game on the market for that matter hence why they've been put on hold so they can utilise the PS3 to higher degree.

-EvoAnubis-4010d ago

Great news! Kinda what I thought, but it's good to have it confirmed. Eight Days looked really good, and it've been a shame to not be able to play that.