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TVG writes: "Uncharted 2 is a magnificent example of how this generation can infuse movie production quality with enjoyable gameplay and maintain a sense of fluidity throughout the feature presentation. The sheer craft on display throughout every single moment deserves every accolade it receives; truly Naughty Dog has delivered a generation-defining experience that is worthy of buying/borrowing/stealing a PS3."

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Yeah, another perfect score

GamerPS3604929d ago

Uncharted 2 is unbelievable. But, I am going wait for this.
Demon soul is on my top of the list. Unfortunately, I have to wait until November 1st week for this masterpiece.

Ichiryoka4929d ago

@ gamer I know man I have Demon's Souls paid in full.

Only 6 more days!

bnaked4929d ago

At the end, we gamers will designate, not the reviews.. And i think Uncharted 2 is shaping up to be a milestone, because we gamers will love that game.

GamerPS3604929d ago

I pre-ordered demon's soul from new egg. 56.99 + free shipping and no tax :D

I really hope Demon's souls is as good as I am expecting otherwise, it would be bummer 'coz I know uncharted 2 is good game. Well, off to play uncharted multiplayer :)

kapedkrusader4929d ago

...that is why even the best PS3 games don't sell as great as 360 games. PS3 releases too many top notch games too close to each other. That is another reason why ODST is selling so well. They have no other game that comes close to it, all year long, for that matter.

pxpxp4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )


pxpxp4929d ago

I was in the wrong section...

MegaPowa4929d ago

That's because they have lives :0 sadly i can't say the same about you :/

soljah4929d ago

i hope naughty dog finally gets the respect and sales that their games deserve. nothing against bungie a great studio but halo odst a 4-6 hours add on will sell 4-6 million copies 3 times what uc2 will do

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Optical_Matrix4929d ago

lol yet another perfect Score. Possibly the most well received game this generation.

renegade4929d ago

Cant get enoght! GOTY 09

LTC4929d ago

In your face BOTSPY

GamerPS3604929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

People need to remember meta means nothing. 360 just got Halo ODST and they are having blast with that game. At the end, it all depends on what you like.

like GTA4 98 on meta but it sucked for me.

edit below:
Meta score doesn't make game fun. Halo 1 @ 96, I hated. Fell for Halo3 @94 I hated. Crysis @ 91, played through 1 round and never looked back. GTA4 @ 98, I haven't even finish 20% of the game yet. Resistance 2, I was so hyped for it and fell flat. There are several other games, I wasted money 'coz of Meta.

Uncharted 2 @ 97, and I am sure some people find it worse than dynasty warrior.

At the end, it all depends on what you like (again).

Ichiryoka4929d ago

Here is where I somewhat disagree with you. Thing about GTA4 is that it really does not deserve that 98 although some people may disagree.

When it comes to Uncharted 2 its quite obvious this game deserves every perfect score it recieves.

scott1824929d ago

Gamer, I agree everyone has there own tastes but there is one big difference between uncharted and halo, uncharted isn't hyped to death. I also hated halo by the way.

LinuxGuru4929d ago

Yeah, yeah...everyone has personal preference, but there are definitely some standards by which games are judged nowadays.

Game presentation quality, sound, replayability, visuals, interface, story believability...some of these things aren't really down to personal preference.

Now things like fun factor and lasting appeal...those are definitely personal.

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RAM MAGNUMS4929d ago

looks like the best game ever made.

history in the making fellas. get involved.

mantisimo4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I just made my very own Marco Polo costume and bought myself a bullwhip ! My ps3 dualshock is so shocked it's now a tripleshock thats how shocked it is! Come on and release this game a week early. PLEEEAAASE!

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