Q&A: Svensson On The Future Of Capcom

Capcom has been significantly busy in expanding its Western presence of late, revealing much of its 2007 line-up at an April press event, including new Phoenix Wright and Mega Man titles for DS, a return of Super Puzzle Fighter II for Xbox Live, and a Harvey Birdman title for PS2 and PSP.

Notable among the announcements was a new concentration on digital downloads, increased attention to Western-developed titles, and additional care being given to the PC gaming market. Thus, in relation to these new announcements and others, Gamasutra sat down with Christian Svensson, Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research for Capcom.

Gamasutra discussed, among other things, the company's revitalized Western business, including Resident Evil 4's Wii debut, the logistics of a simultaneous PC/PSN/XBLA debut for Puzzle Fighter, and new hints on downloadable Wii games.

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PS360WII4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

Looks like capcom is looking more into the multi releases and not exclusive too much(but there will always be exclusives). Also seems that they are really head strong about digital distribution and original stuff on there as well. It'll be cool to see what they have in store. I know I want a sequel to Bionic Commando from nes days on VC. Well as nice as it would be for it to go to VC I'd just like to see it out so XBLA or PSN or VC just make it happen Capcom!!

ItsDubC4171d ago

Foreal, how has Bionic Commando managed to not make a comeback yet? It's a classic.