LostWinds won't be ported "just for the sake of it"

TVGB: "Those hoping to see one of the Wii's most popular WiiWare titles, the enchanting LostWinds and its upcoming sequel LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias, on the Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3 once their respective motion controllers launch next year may have to be disappointed."

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WildArmed5376d ago

Never played it. But its fine, Wii can keep its exclusive ^^
Just coz the ps3 can do what the wii does, doesnt mean everything should be ported.

Plus, i wanna see Sony push thier controller with some nice HD games.

Shnazzyone5375d ago

I wish more developers could be open about this. That way I don't have to keep hearing about a fantasy world where every single attractive wii exclusive is magically going to be on HD consoles the moment they get their fabled motion controls. The problem is HD kids say they don't want motion controls so why would they port an core title on wii for HD consoles for people with aversions to motion? If anything all HD consoles will see is the family crap since apparently that's the only demo who likes motion controls. Of course this could all be based on tarded logic from wii haters. I could be wrong.

phantomexe5375d ago

Really guys this is a great game if you haven't played it.Just because it's not on the ps doen't mean you can't check it out on the wii.I own both the wii and the ps3 and when it comes to great downloadable games the wii has the ps and 360 beat.I don't care what system it comes too i enjoy great games like a gamer should.


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