Sony's PS3 gamble: should the optical revolution have been optional?

The 2005-2006 edition of the "console wars" is a little different from previous installments in the battle to be in everyone's TV room. There are the usual skirmishes over horsepower, cost, and developer support-as there is any time a new console hits the scene. This time, however, the gaming side of the equation has been made more complex by the choice of supported physical formats, and now with pricing announced for the two "high-end" consoles, we can consider how the next-generation optical format disc wars have factored into the strategies employed by Microsoft and Sony. In what follows, Ken Fisher at consider and argue that Sony's decision to include Blu-ray in the PlayStation 3 represents an unnecessary risk, and could end up hurting the company's efforts to combat gains by Microsoft.

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TheMART6592d ago

Yes it should for sure.

It isn't even a standard yet and furthermore: in the near future everything will be streamed or downloaded, no fysical media anymore like DVD's or other discs!!!

Games, movies, HD content all through internet/Markplace my friends. No need for players anymore... and discs that can be scratched so you loose the data/video/audio...

THELANDSOFSAND6592d ago (Edited 6592d ago )

The main problem I see with the Bluray is that it is a unpopular format, with a possibility (large?) that it may flop as a system like betamax did- can you go rent a new movie on betamax? No.

do i want to spend $600-1200 on a format that may be dead in 2 years and a joke in 10?


Frankly I will wait and see who is dominant- HD-DVD or bluray, then I will buy a cheaper player in a few years.
DVD has great image and sound and is easy to backup. I have a good income but I have 2 children and I cannot afford a good sized HDTV- I am like millions and millions of americans, and I won't be doing HD-DVD's for years, in any format. And when I do buy into it I won't be buying the betamax of the future, because thats just a waste of money.

I choose a 360 because it can be optionally upgraded when my budget, TV and the HD market reaches my standards.

I wouldn't buy a PS3 purely because it only uses bluray. What happens to the PS3 if HD-DVD becomes the standard? No playing new movies on a PS3 in 5 years? lol
I can't risk $600 on that!

OutLaw6592d ago

I like sony but they're pushing blu Ray to hard on us. I remember years ago when the dvd format came out Block Buster only had a few DVD's and thats it. VHS was still the popular format for movies. But now DVD's are the clear winner for movies. Does it mean that Blu Ray is going to do the same thing? No it doesn't. Unlike DVD (Who didn't have real competition) Blu ray has to go against HD-DVD Which could actually win the war in the movie category. If Sony wants to sell the PS3 drop the whole Blu Ray concept and sell the system cheaper and if later blu ray does good than sell it as a seperate unit like MS is doing for the 360. So I understand were you are coming from THELANDOFSAND. I also have a family and spending that type of money for a technology that could fail is troubling.

shotty6592d ago

Sony is good at launching with a bang and make a quick buck then it's all over. Look at Beta-max sony convinced the world that it was truely superior to VHS and when people started buying it, the format failed. Look at UMD it had a OK line up at PSP launch but it also drifted off and now is in the bargain bin. It won't take off unless companies like Microsoft or Apple push it. They have way bigger user bases and they deliver what the consumers need which is why they don't really fail. Look at their products: Windows, Ipod, Xbox/360, Office.

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf6592d ago

Sony's tring to sell us on things that they; them selfs as a company are gambling on; they got their fingers crossed and they want $600 bucks from my pocket, even if i liked their style, their qaulity, i would not pick up a PS3.

kingboy6592d ago

which other ways are there to push blu ray faster and better ?The ps3 is the perfect solution.maybe u guys just forget blu ray is not a sony only this case ur gettin it cheaper plus a gaming system

TheMART6592d ago

Or it is the best way TO GO BANKRUPT

It´s a big gamble Sony takes. It costs a lot of money and what if Blu Ray won´t be the standard?

What then? Then they´ve burned really a lot of money, at home you have a player that is worth nothing and there won´t be major support in media to buy.

That would be rotten. Furthermore, let´s look at Sony´s recent media

Minidisc never became mainstream, although used by musicians especially

UMD never becomes mainstream

What competition made did, like the CD/DVD invented by Philips became mainstream.

You know why? Because Sony wants to make too much money on licenses for using their media. They´re too expensive. With Blu Ray again! And even worse, it is so copy protected that even making a backup for yourself is difficult.

DO YOU WANT THAT? You want Sony to have the consumer as a marionet? Be my guest. Blu Ray will fail. Sony can possibly go bankrupt over this adventure. Consumers want the cheapest option with the same possibilities or the most used. That´s HD-DVD. And for more, PC users always get the format that copies more easy. That´s HD-DVD.

For the rest, real media will be gone in a few years. Streaming and downloading games, video and HD content will be normal. No scratching media anymore!

Grown Folks Talk6592d ago

yes it's CHEAPER. it will be the worst possible blu-ray drive you can get. people that care about blu-ray enough will most likely wait until better developed and stronger drives come out. they will be willing to spend more for the quality. i keep seeing people say that the ps3 is worth more than a 360 because of quality and what you get. so why is it different for blu-ray players? better quality will come out after the 2x drive in the ps3.

VirtualGamer6592d ago

Same could be said for the HD-DVD add on that MS will be offering for the XBOX 360 but that's not stopping MS now is it?

Grown Folks Talk6592d ago

so as far as we know, the add on for the 360 will be better than those out now. maybe not, but likely. the point is better quality, and i'm pretty sure the add on will be less expensive than a stand alone.

VirtualGamer6592d ago

Your saying that compared to a stand alone Blu-Ray player the cheaper PS3 will be crap but the cheaper add on HD-DVD drive for the XBOX 360 will better quality then a stand alone HD-DVD player?

achira6592d ago

you know that the step was good!!! ms did nothing in this way, thats why their console is not nextgen. sony tried to make the ps3 future proof, and as this it should have a better drive than a DVD. and once again, BD is not betamax you fool(#2). BD has far more support than HD-DVD. you dont want to believe but thats a fact !!! BD is the future, because its a good format and it has many support. so sony did a good step.

TheMART6592d ago

If you think that a videodrive is next gen then you´re way off believing Sony´s lies.

A game console is for playing games. Next Gen makes it in graphics and things like getting better AI because of for example a triple core CPU as the 360 has where AI can get be calculated on a different core as the other things.

Playing movies is always better on a good standalone player. If a standalone GOOD QUALILITY Blu Ray player will cost about 1.200 Euro´s minimum at start, how good do you think Sony´s PS3 player will be? It will be rubbish, as the DVD player of the PS2 is.

A drive with larger capacity is not nescessery for the games. Blu Ray can be Betamax for sure. At first there was quit some support for Betamax also, but VHS was cheaper (like HD-DVD is also compared to BetaRay) so the consumer liked it better.

And you want to have media that is less easier to copy for own backup use? THat´s what Blu Ray does, limiting in possibilities, not creating new ones.

Sony did a bad step and lies all the time but Sony fanboys are not very bright to follow blindly...