Kotaku: Uncharted Impressions, and 2 Videos

Brian Crecente of said,

"When the developers first showed off Uncharted: Drake's Fortune I wasn't impressed. Naughty Dog was going for that realistic look in their characters and they were suffering from some major uncanny valley. Worse still, the play had that generic shooter look to it, like some amalgam of every third-person shooter I've played in the past five years. There was duck-and-cover, there were lush jungle environments, there were melee attacks. I was sure I wasn't going to like it."

"I was wrong."

"Of all of the games at the show, it was the one I ended up spending the most time on, That's not to say it was the best, but it certainly had me jonesing for more. The game still has its issues with the uncanny valley, but Naughty Dog did a really good job of balancing fast-paced shooter action with a variety of light puzzles and a bit of stealth. The aiming took a little bit of getting used to, but in general it was response and the AI was pretty tight.

Some things I hope the devs fix include the in ability to shoot someone in the head and put them down, that's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. In one section I knocked three guys to the ground with snap headshots and turned to deal with their pals only to be ambushed by what should have been debrained corpses. Some of the animation also has to be smoothed out a bit, though his strange gimpy jump (like he was running up a couple of invisible steps) was more humorous then disconcerting."

OVERVIEW From Kotaku,

"Developed by the studio that brought blockbuster hit franchises Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter® to PlayStation fans, Naughty Dog Inc.'s, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is the first game in a new fast-paced action-adventure franchise developed exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) computer entertainment system.

Taking full advantage of the power of PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is developed using proprietary technology that promises to impress players with incredibly realistic characters and lifelike environments. Building on its legacy of extraordinary storytelling, Naughty Dog has created an elaborate plot that will have players guessing at every turn.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, brings players into a world ripe with realism and unexpected juxtapositions. A fallible hero akin to those depicted in pulp-adventure genre films, Nathan Drake brings a humanity and believability never seen before in video gaming, enabled entirely through PS3 technology advancements."

Sounds pretty interesting.

To see the Videos, story line, features, and more information, click on the link.

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nix4477d ago

ADMIN must be having a hard time figuring out the duplicate stories... but a good day for us... that is gamers! q:

and oh... i lost a bubble somewhere.. please do give me some. i hate this public begging but i'm desperate now! q:

snoop_dizzle4477d ago (Edited 4477d ago )

at least to my knowledge. This was done at a recent even, so it should be fairly new.

Cartesian3D4477d ago

must buy for me.. becuz I have good memories from Indiana jones.. I love Puzzle,stleath and shooter games. (combined) like IJ ..

a good story can make this game unforgotable... good job snoop_dizzle


Can not wait to try this one out

ilovepswii604477d ago

im not bein bs but drakes fortune looks lyk the first ps3 game that looks lyk it cannot be done on the 360.

snoop_dizzle4477d ago

i really want to try this game out.

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