Sony Bets 34 New PlayStation Titles Will Pare Losses

Sony Corp. and video-game publishers will introduce 34 titles for the PlayStation 3 console in the next year as the company rebuilds sales in the money-losing unit.

The PlayStation 3 games, including 15 developed in-house and 19 from independent publishers, were unveiled to reporters and analysts at the company's San Diego development studio.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4225d ago

I told you sony has games they don't tell us about ....Sony has a strong first party....then expect some more titles at e3..all I am saying don't count sony out yet..

PS3 Owns All4225d ago

Forget MART he's not important. He's just a 360 fanboy that likes to talk talk talk when some bs pops up. WE gamers are important.

deathtok4225d ago

It's nice to hear Sony is still putting full support behind the system. As DAverage said don't count them out, it's early and their sales will turn around like it or not.

I'm really waiting for games from Fumito Ueda (Team ICO) and hearing that two of those are on the way is great.

Bigmac5734225d ago

Hats off to sony. Im sorry for doubting them.

Cartesian3D4225d ago

and KNOW HOW .. they will win format war,Display war (early OLED on stores that surprise TOSHIBA one more time) , and console war..

winning means more maket share overall (PSP,PS3,PS2 and software sales)

razer4225d ago

Since you seem to believe you can tell the future..

Marriot VP4225d ago

razer, it doesn't work like that

he only 'sees' what Sony does, and whatever sony does they succeed at it.

alsef074225d ago

lets hope for the best, even though i never liked the playstation franchise, i hope they can compete with xbox, more compatition, better games for both consoles

deathtok4225d ago

Yeah, as much as we fight about the console wars, it's all in good fun. I always hope there are two or three in the running. We all know what happens when hardware and/or software companies have no competitors. We get a junk product.

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The story is too old to be commented.