Halo 3 or Crysis?

What will be the bigger blockbuster: Halo 3 or Crysis?

It's an interesting question, and isn't sure where they come down on it just yet. THG video producer Ben Meyer and Robert Wright of TwitchGuru are scheduled to debate the question for an upcoming episode of "Second Take." As a PC gamer and one who believes that the first two Halo games are good but entirely overrated, Wright was leaning toward giving Crysis the nod. There are a few reasons for this. First, the demo of Crysis in both DX9 and DX10 look amazing. Second, Crytek has the critically acclaimed FPS Far Cry under its belt, and Crysis looks to amp up the Far Cry formula in a big way.

But now, in light of the recently released Halo 3 Beta, the astonishing Halo 3 pre-order numbers, and the existing install base of the Xbox 360, he's rethinking his position.

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snoop_dizzle4173d ago

i want to play both.

Also they are kind of different. Halo 3 is more fantasy and Crysis is more realistic.

Systematrix4173d ago

They are certainly different. Halo 3 graphics won't be able to touch that of Crysis, but then again, I don't have to spend $500 to upgrade my Xbox 360 play Halo 3 either.

gta_cb4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

exactly! (I don't have to spend $500 to upgrade my Xbox 360 to play)
but you JUST beat me to the punch lol


just wanna say about "Halo 3 graphics won't be able to touch that of Crysis" i know we have our own opinions, but until the game is released on 25th sep (USA) and 26th sep (UK) we wont actually see the in game graphics to there max, so although i think your right, i cant agree with it lol =)

deathtok4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

I never really liked the Halo series, I understand its draw but I just couldn't get into it. On the other hand, I loved playing through Far Cry even if it's MP wasn't astonishing. Visually FC had the advantage and I think Crytek will outdo themselves.

Halo 3 will likely have the bigger sales though.

warfed4173d ago

I don't get why people love halo so much... the first one was good I bought an xbox off my buddy just to play it... it was a good game but I beat it over night... the 2nd one sucked just online was fun... I am guessing the 3rd one will be the same... just online...

deathtok4173d ago

Yeah same here warfed, when I played it I seriously thought it was just another FPS with a typical story. I couldn't believe it blew up shortly after that.

PS3 Owns All4173d ago

Crysis all the way. Halo 3 is under Gears.

gta_cb4173d ago

i personally think Halo 3.
reason is you will need a pretty up to date PC to run Crysis, or at most (if you dont) you will have to turn down the visuals etc. and with Halo 3, it is being designed to the max for the Xbox 360s hardware.
also the Halo series is one or the most hyped about game i have heard of.

Systematrix4173d ago

The developers know exactly what is inside of everyone's console so they can exploit it to the fullest. With PC games, the developers (for the most part) have to play to the lowest common denominator since not everyone is running the latest and greatest hardware.

Rooted_Dust4173d ago

PC games are optimized for the full range of PCs from low to high, which is positive not negative.

Rooted_Dust4173d ago

We all know Halo will win as far as sales are concerned. But I have no doubt in my mind that Crysis will be the more superior game in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Xi4173d ago

graphics, yeah, but gameplay and singleplayer I think halo has the advantage.

Rooted_Dust4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Not really, it's almost a foregone conclusion that PC FPS will always be better than anything on a console. Halo is just mediocre to PC gamers, just look a Halo 2's PC reviews. Oh and PC Multiplayer + Mods > Console Multiplayer.

Xi4173d ago

then there's no point in comparing gameplay since in apples to oranges, but the story in halo will shine through.

reaperxciv4173d ago

I'm eagerly waiting for crysis, i got an 8800 gtx for it, as for halo3 i already have a 360, woot!

gta_cb4173d ago

nice, best of both worlds then =)

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