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A few months ago, GONET LIVE posted a story about video game ratings that do not fully rate the content of the game. Unfortunately, the problem is still here. So we have decided to take the matter to another level. You can help by voting for video game ratings that state all the video game content. Just by voting in the poll next to this story can help for the future of gaming.

"Do you know what's in that computer or video game your child wants to buy or rent? Just as with movies and TV shows, computer and video games on the market today are created for players of differing ages and maturity levels. Some games have content that may not be suitable for children. As parents, we have a responsibility to guide our children toward games that we decide are appropriate for them to play. That's why parents should read game reviews, talk to older children and other parents, and try out demos of the games online or in stores before they make a purchase." said ( said "Research suggests parents ignore game age ratings" in 2005. Here's a summary of that report: Just one day after we reported that a U.S. Senator was calling for a boycott of the game 25 to Life and other violent titles, the controversy over violent video games continues. Research in the UK shows that parents are ignoring the age warnings on video games. Many people believe that violent games could influence a child and that the games shouldn't be played by them. For this reason, they have an "age rating" in the UK that is similar to the age rating on movies.

A violent game, such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which is a best seller and has been the receiver of much criticism for its content has an 18+ rating, which simply means the game is unsuitable for anybody below that age. However, most parents don't believe that games could possible badly influence their children. "Most parents think their child is mature enough so that these games will not influence them," Modulum researcher Jurgen Freund told a games conference.

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