God of War: Chains of Olympus Video

A new gameplay video from God of War: Chains of Olympus.

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Torch4266d ago

This game is sooo mine!

Looking (gasping) at the footage, it's an amazing feat to think that this is a PSP game.

Although, that small bleep of "game loading" stalling DURING the gameplay has me slightly concerned. A dose of those kinds of freeze-ups while in the middle of action can get tiring real fast.

My antsy fingers remain crossed!

God of Gaming4266d ago

Ever since I sold my PSP a year ago I have missed it. At the time it was hard to find good games for it, now they certainly have some great games on the sytem.

Torch4266d ago

It'll cost you significantly less than it would have a few months ago, should you really be yearning to repurchase one.

Then again, you may wish to wait to hear more about the rumored PSP2.

But yeah, I too would miss mine if I didn't have it any longer.

ShAkKa4266d ago

this game looks sick. i cant believe it has all those cool gameplay moves

SIX4266d ago

I just peed myself...............

THE_JUDGE4266d ago

and then this pops up! I can't wait, I love this series. This one looks to not disappoint at all.