Sony Confirms PSP Store

Sony has confirmed that it will launch an online PSP store that makes use of the handheld's wi-fi capabilities.

Details are still scarce, but speaking at yesterday's Gamers Day SCEA's president, Jack Tretton, said, "I think the advent of a long awaited and quite frankly long overdue ability to deliver a downloadable service for the PSP will help us out a great deal. Hopefully we'll have it out there by the fall."

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BlackIceJoe4481d ago

Its about time now people that do not want a PS3 can buy PS1 games for there PSP. I wonder if any of the other things from PSN will make it onto the PSP.

PS360WII4481d ago

yeah trailers would be fun too for the psp store

Torch4481d ago

It's SO hurting for more demos.

gta_cb4480d ago

TRUE! i would like to try my PSP out with the PSN then i could decide quicker if i want a PS3 this year or next year =D

cuco334481d ago

in my book... this came way too late. i am the only owner of a psp amongst all my friends. i was the late bloomer... i picked one up (from one of them nonetheless) used. all their reasoning on why they sold them was 'hype'. not enough worthy games (at least at the time), too bulky for a music player, too small for a movie player, too frustrating as a web browser... and they all have moved on. "skilled in many, master of none". if they offered the store from the get go, i'm sure they would have all held onto their psps. i can get anything the store has to offer, thanks to dark_alex ;) not all my buddies were willing to risk bricking their systems. the interest came and went, and for such a potential portable system too...
sadly, even my psp is starting to collect dust. i only play the 1 game i recently bought every now and again...

gta_cb4480d ago

"too bulky for a music player, too small for a movie player, too frustrating as a web browser" this is very true, but then i would rather have it this size then smaller, as i have an Ipod Nano for a MP3 player and i have a computer for the internet (much quicker as its on Ethernet) so with the screen size being what it is, its nice for watching movies on a bus/in a car. and good for games as with the screens not being as big, it looks better quality graphics. but when at home, i would rather watch movies on my HDREADY TV anyday ;)

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