Sony Meeting Will Discuss "ICO Collection"

PSLS:A dream may become a reality soon enough. There is a possibility of Team ICO's PS2 classics, Shadow of the Colossus and ICO being re-released on the PS3, Fumito Ueda recently revealed. The news has everyone excited, but this new development is enough to make heads explode.

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GWAVE5381d ago

Oh wow. That would be really awesome. Ico and SotC are two of last gen's best games, and to this day have some of the best "storytelling" (take that how you will), boss sequences, and art direction.

DasBunker5381d ago

never played any of these games.. i skipped almost the whole PS2-era.. itll be awesome to be able to play them and check for myself if all the praise they get is true :P.. SOTC looks stunning..

Blaster_Master5381d ago

They should wait until Sony's motion controller comes out so it can support this game. It would be like zelda on the wii, but better. LOL!

ThatCanadianGuy5381d ago

SOTC + 720p/trophies = happy gamers worldwide

sunil5381d ago

just make it happen and give it a march 2010 release date :)

Greywulf5381d ago

These games shined on the PS2.. imagine the shine on the ps3?

Microsoft Xbox 3605381d ago

This is probably the best thing I've heard this year next to Uncharted 2 getting 10's across the board.

xenogamer5381d ago

i never got to play Ico, but SOTC is one of my favorite ps2 games of all time. Cant wait for this to come to fruition.

Raf1k15381d ago

These two as well as he God of War games are what I wanted to get a PS2 for. Now I may not have to. I will certainly pick these up the day they are released if they go ahead with it.

darthv725381d ago

There are a crap load of ps2 titles I would love to see given the hd treatment with trophies. I am actually surprised they havent been doing something similar with ps1 games but oh well.

Is anyone worried that this trend of rejuvenating last gen games may hinder current gen development? While I think the idea of making the old seem new again is great I just dont want studios diverting resources from new IP's into time and effort on their older titles. If there was a company who's job it was to simply recode the old games into hd then it would let the other companies do their thing on new stuff.

I am sure there really isnt much effort to making the old look good but when you have soooo many games from the ps2 with fans clamouring for an hd fix it could get quite backlogged with such a huge library. Not to say ALL ps2 games will get the magic treatment but there are plenty more than Ico and GoW games that could benefit sony ($$$ wise) as well as the gamers.

I like the idea..I am just paranoid that it will slow things down while we all have a resurgance of retro gaming in hd.

Marceles5381d ago

"The news has everyone excited, but this new development is enough to make heads explode."

(head explodes)

ReservoirDog3165381d ago

Oh I really hope they can do this. I'd imagine it would sell like crazy since everybody knows how great these games are now.

Max Power5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

same here, I unfortunately couldn't afford Ico when it was released, and it always seemed to get pushed aside for another game being released, man am I kicking myself for that delay. Luckily I have SOTC gracing my PS2 collection, but I really want to play Ico, I still look at the mom and pop game stores looking for it. If this is released with the same kind of treatment that was given to GoW I and II then I wouldn't mind picking this up and push looking for the original in the back of my mind for a little bit. But that doesn't mean I won't hunt down a ps2 copy for the sake of having it but then I would just suck it up and bid on ebay for one, if someone is selling it.

@darth... I don't think that this will hinder any game dev time, it just may give people the change to relive fond memories with better graphics, and give people who haven't experienced the games a chance too. And I am sure that devs wouldn't mind a little extra money to help the increasing dev costs.

Information Minister5381d ago

And the good news just keep on coming.

Maybe I should play the lottery...

Cenobia5381d ago

Yeah, I'm a little worried about that too. Adding trophies must take a lot of work as well (I assume).

These games definitely deserve it, but I'd rather they not go too deep into the collection. They might decide to make this a standard practice and remove any backwards compatibility for the PS4. They could make money on their best games indefinitely.

I highly doubt they would do that, I'm just speculating.

Face Palm5381d ago

I never played ICO so a revamp would be great! I never played GoW 1 or 2 so that revamp is great too!

gintoki7775381d ago

day 1 preorder i played/beat sotc and never tried ico due to how expensive it is now so it would be great to give it a try

DaTruth5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

They actually pushed the development of GOW collection onto an small indie developer. They likely wouldn't waste big developers and $100,000 salaries on PS2 redevelopment!

I really liked Ico, but they probably should have wrote Ico2 on the StoC box, because had I known, I would have bought it for sure. I basically only knew about Ico from a demo included with another game, so if the game didn't have a demo, I wasn't buying it; Got burned on commercials and word of mouth a few times(Streets of LA, and that crappy riot game).

rockleex5380d ago

Zone of the Enders
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy 1-12? :P

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nanometric5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

If it's true, then REJOICE MY FELLOW GAMERS!
Btw, is it just me or there seem to pop up a lot of articles about "collections of something". I really hope that it a sign of good thing to come.

Timesplitter145381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

Please do it.

And afterwards you can do the same for Ratchet & Clank, Devil May Cry and Metal Gear

GWAVE5381d ago

Good call.

And I'd also like a collection of the three Sly Cooper games.

nanometric5381d ago

I vote for remastered MGS and Ace Combat collections!