Videogameszone: Uncharted 2 Review

Videogameszone reviewed Uncharted 2 for PS3.

- brilliant graphics
- demanding, but no frustrating climbing sections
- great cutscenes
- ...


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dreamcast4243d ago


"Negatives: nothing"

leeger4243d ago

no negative means its perfect right? I'm not questioning the review, i actually find it really funny.

Carl14124243d ago

No negatives, so why did they deduct points?

That's like saying "That was amazing gin every way shape or form. Seriously i couldn't have had a better night even in my wildest imagination!...4/10"

el_bandito4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

The reviewer did not actually write "nothing". There were just no cons stated yet for the game as it was a partial review. But what's really funny is that they gave graphics and sound both 10's, and no grades for Controls and MP-----but ultimately gave a total rating of 93! They said it was just a partial review, and a full review coming up soon. I mean WTF! Why would you give out a total rating when you still have to give a full review soon. They could've just said "perfect,so far" or "n/a" for the scores. Even doing elementary math won't give you a 93 from those partial scores.

The real killer4243d ago

But still 93 out of 100, this is not true.
If they said that the game has no flaws, gif the game a 10 .

Oner4242d ago

@ Reviews are Politics ~ Agree 100 %....but how about this one for a twist!

Funny how a game could have so much wrong with it yet gets a perfect 100 score huh? Bias...nah it couldn't be...right? /sarcasm

Bathyj4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Wow, I am dumbfounded.

Oner if I read that review without knowing the score I would have thought that mediocre sounding game would have got a 7.

Oh, its Dan Shu, make that 9 point 5.

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Doletskaya4243d ago

"Negatives: nothing" Score=93/100 I am not getting it

LinuxGuru4243d ago

I am wondering this also

sunil4243d ago

So a perfect game does not get 100/100? Whatever !

table4243d ago

I guess a game can't be perfect if it's on the ps3...

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Pillage054243d ago

*head explodes*

ok i am definitely not one to pick apart reviews (especially a 93/100)...but seriously?

well it's interesting logic to say the least.

Daishi4242d ago

A game can have nothing wrong with it and you just know your not going to play it forever so it looses out a little. GTA for instance, plenty of glitches but that doesn't stop you from playing it longer than a "better made game".

earthdome4243d ago

= 93?

i also dont understand

sephy 9 2 54243d ago

with the contradictions in reviews these negatives = 93/100? Really? I would've preferred a lie even like long load times.

Chubear4243d ago

"These days"?.. it's been like this since 2005, just gotten progressively worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.