Wolverine Sells Over 20% on Blu-ray

20th Century Fox has revealed that for their recent home video release of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', over 20% of all units sold were on the Blu-ray format, with some retailers reporting up to 25%.

This not only beats the industry standard average of 12.5%, but also becomes Fox's best performing Blu-ray title, eclipsing the Blu-ray release of 'Quantum of Solace'.

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Sarcasm3668d ago

Not the best movie, but still better than Xmen 3.

CryWolf3668d ago

Are you serious X-men Wolverine is the best movie since X-men 2 came out.

Raoh3668d ago

I liked X-Men 3 better than this wolverine crap..

terrible story, terrible retelling of the wolverine history, terrible representation of deadpool and that alone should be punishable by death.

darthv723668d ago

is 20% good? If it was 12.5 then that seems like an obvious yes. If the blu is going mainstream in 2010 like another article says then a movie this time next year will be over 70%. Transformers 2 is coming out when????

LinuxGuru3668d ago

A true X-Men fan will carry the opinion of Raoh.

A true action fan will probably feel the same way CryWolf does.

Marceles3668d ago

lol @ punishable by death

SIX3668d ago

Due to the recent rise in PS3 owners. Good on Sony. I see a very good holiday season for them.

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TruthbeTold3668d ago

that people with Blu Ray players are in a better financial situation to buy movies upon release right now. We already knew that. It's just that the financial crisis makes it more pronounced. We shouldn't act as if this 20% means more as far as raw numbers go. The DVD people will still buy, as time goes on. It's just that more of the Blu Ray people were in a position to do so from the get go this time, due to the economy.

GWAVE3668d ago

Or it could mean that Blu Ray saturation is on the rise, just like dozens upon dozens of analysts are admitting, and just like months and months of sales data have been confirming.

Nah. Maybe I'll just take the word of you - a random N4G user - instead.