Halo 3: The Nickel & Dime Generation

This generation of video game consoles has paved the way for a new generation of pricing. Publishers settled into the idea of charging $60 for a new game rather quickly, but that's hardly where the abuse on our wallets ended. Armed with a new line of online consoles, publishers also had a new potential revenue stream: the ever so popular microtransaction. There are many examples of modern console games that have used this model to produce a tremendous amount of capital; games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are among the best examples. With the recent debut of Microsoft's Halo 3: ODST, we've been handed a stunning illustration in the art of padding your bottom line.

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edgeofblade4373d ago

You know the great thing about the free market? People pay what they think is fair, and they don't pay what they think is not fair.

It may have no bearing on the quality of the game, but if a game sells at any given price, that price is completely justified. Selling 2 million copies in 24 hours? Totally justified price.

You can make any sort of argument seated in whatever values you hold, but the truth of the matter is you price what the market will bear. That's how you run a successful business... by not leaving money on the table. Spin it with "nickel and dime" or "bleeding your customers dry", but no one forced them to spend more money.

Major_Tom4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Um, you can also deceive and manipulate the ignorant, so your whole fair & unfair model of the system is skewed. The problem being in the first place; the Xbox fanbase eating up anything Halo.

gamesR4fun4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

the real cost of the Halo 3 experience to date:

* Halo 3 (standard retail SKU): $60 USD
* Heroic Map Pack (DLC): $10; 800 Microsoft Points
* Legendary Map Pack (DLC): $10; 800 Microsoft Points
* Mythic Map Pack (DLC): $10; 800 Microsoft Points
* Halo 3 ODST (standard retail SKU): $60 USD
* Two years of Xbox Live: $100 USD
* Total cost: $250

GWAVE4373d ago

Yeah, people pay for the content, but do they have a choice if they want the "full" experience? And who is to say that you HAVE to charge for additional content? PC modding communities all say "Hello", as well as Valve, Stardock, Blizzard, and several other PC devs who give out high-quality upgrades and content packs for FREE.

darthv724373d ago

the odd part is that it is MS that is keeping sony from going the same route. You need to think about it objectivly. Were it not for MS entering the game and creating such a "nickle/dime" business structure, sony would have done it due to the immense size of the PS brand fanbase.

For sony it would be a huge cash cow of people who would spend whatever amount of $$ they charged for pieces of content. However, now with MS taking all the heat for doing it first seems to stave off sony as they can see the type of backlash they almost got themselves into. I am not saying sony is immune to this because they do it as well. MS is more out in front for this type of tactic and people jump all over them for setting the example that others would eventually follow. Sony and Nintendo are doing it but not to the same extent.

Imagine if it was the other way around. Sony having the huge library and laundry list of publishers creating the microtransaction structure for every game they make. It might ot sit well with others but as long as there are people who will spend the $$ they will gladly take it.

Business is business and people need to just think if this was one venture that MS didnt start and someone else did, would the end result and feelings still be the same.

ukilnme4373d ago

@ edgeofblade

That is the one of the best comments I have seen here on N4G. Bubble to you.

UnSelf4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

this is BILL GATES company....

What the hell did u think was going to happen?

UnSelf4373d ago

the problem wit edgeofblade's logic is that he fails to understand that when a consumer demands a product, whether he needs it or just really wants it, he's now at the mercy of the company who makes it. Yes true, at the end of the day you have to make the final decision to purchase it however, these companies coerce you into paying whatever they feel is right because they know that you want what they have moreso than anything.

Of course you can say, "u kno what ODST is to much, im not gonna buy iy", but then you're not going to be able to play with all ur friends and enjoy the game and the devs youve come to love and support.

DO you kno how upset i wouldve been if a ps3 was $1000 dollars??

I wouldnt be a gamer right now

ukilnme4373d ago

We all have choices. You wanna play, you have to pay.

Microsoft Xbox 3604373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

There is this thing called "deceiving the consumers". Your logic fails.

weazel4373d ago

Yeah, but as stated above, the large section of the market that buys 'premium price' games produce an artificially high floor for future game pricing. This doesn't just concern consumers who buy or don't buy Halo (Or whatever game is setting a price precident), but has the knock on effect of resetting the whole market at the inflated price. Choice is thrown out of the window for all consumers, and not just the platform / genre specific markets. It sucks.....

shutupandplay4373d ago

And then there are consumers who do proper research on games. They watch videos, read previews and play demos. "deceiving the consumers" Hey, how is that "4D" on your ps3 treating you?

Major_Tom4373d ago

4D is time, or in video games, growth over time, such as trees or dynamic weather, night and day cycles. So really you might want to do some research before you say 4D and aren't aware of what it actually is.

DSI4373d ago

Way to pad the stats to make your BS comment seem stronger.

First off, you can't add 100 of XBL to it, there are people with XBL that don't even own Halo, Most of the people that have Halo already had XBL. Additionally, the map packs are optional. If you didn't want the map packs you didn't have to buy them. I didn't.

Additionally, no one is having their arms twisted to buy ODST, this is also optional. If you feel that ODST is not worth the money because you don't want to re-buy the map packs, the don't buy it. And for those that bought ODST, you should be whining about it (if any) it's a decision that you made, live with it.

Although I think PS3 owners are making way too big a deal about the cost of ODST. Look at Heavenly Sword, 60 bucks, no online play, no multiplayer, and it was release in september 2007 and still cost 60 bucks. So why don't you stop whining about ODST and whine to sony about bringing the price of HS down, along with other two year old 1 party titles by sony.

But, I guess it's okay since Sony's doing it.

dragonelite4373d ago

So what at least with halo you get a big community busy multiplayer and value for money. I mean i rather spend 45 euro for 13 months live then go out to drink for a evening and have a good time one night in a year. I mean if people are complaining go get a [email protected] job man.

HolyOrangeCows4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

And the majority of those people are easily-deceived fools.

BTW, If I recall, Microsoft started the $60-priced game standard with the X360.

betrayed gamer4373d ago

understand the nickel and dime theory, when looking towards dlc. yea they charge 10 bucks for a map pack for halo which generally include three maps, but each map is customizable. killzone 2 charges 6 bucks for 2 maps without customizing. which is worse?

TotalPS3Fanboy4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

If you think nickel and dime is fair, then you are a fool. Thank god 360 gamers are easily fooled.

Microsoft Xbox 3604373d ago

Well, I did not buy into a PS3 for 4D. Heck I didn't even of the term till after a year of ownership of my PS3. So what's your point now?

DSI4373d ago

"BTW, If I recall, Microsoft started the $60-priced game standard with the X360."

As I recall, nintendo didn't adapt the $60 standard. And Sony didn't have to, yet they did.

haha, so what's your point.

Someone did a article a while back stating that PS3 users are typically 28 year old, intelligent, successful males? Why do said 28 year old successful males need to constantly b!tch and whine about 60 bucks for ODST (When they don't own a 360), Paying for XBL (When they don't own a 360), Re-Buying Halo map packs? (When they don't own Halo or a 360)

I'm really puzzled by this, I know for a fact that you don't give a damn about the welfare of the 360 user, so what could it be. Logic, would lend one to believe that the true demographic for PS3 users are Immature, 13 year old boys with no job and enjoying annoying people due to a lack of having something better to do?

Now, before you start to say I'm generalizing, let me make it clear that I know that there are mature PS3 fans out there that are true gamers. I know that all PS3 fans are not fixated on the above subject. But, some of the others fit my description much better that they do Sony's description.

josuttis4373d ago

shutupandplay: "Hey, how is that "4D" on your ps3 treating you?"


Are you really that pathetic?

4D was a nothing but a little joke Ken Kutagri made about 3D games with persistent state that change over time.

But you are actually trying to pretend like it was some sort of 'broken promise' made by Sony for 'teh 4D games'...


Oh god...

Cenobia4373d ago

To that I'd say Bluray vs DVD9.

I can see Sony justifying the price hike because of the new format, but that doesn't really matter because I can see both companies justifying the hike due to increased dev time (assuming the developers actually get a larger amount).

I have trouble understanding why 360 owners/Halo Fans can't admit that the price of ODST was too high. I can see the argument "yeah it's a bit too expensive, but I fudgin love me some Halo", but trying to justify the $60 price for what is essentially DLC + a short campaign is a bit ridiculous.

The same goes for XBL. People can justify it all they want, but the truth is that if MS dropped the charge tomorrow, the user reaction would be "FINALLY" and "AWESOME" (assuming they didn't pay for it yesterday), not "Oh now XBL is going to suck".

Redgehammer4373d ago

for a great comment edge. You do realize that intelligent and honest comments are frowned upon by the spineless silent disagree committee? Keep it up!!
ODST was worth it IMO

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cl19834373d ago

Have you ever heard of the economical term diminishing returns, I personally have found that the paying the 100.00 mark was worth it because one the game content was just as long as halo s, brought in a new game mode, gave me a new wireless controller for 10.00 less, and also put new maps in to our inventories.Now as far as paying 100.00 for 2 years of x box live that's a joke you can easily go online and find 12 month or more subscriptions on sale for 35.00 or less. This goes into people shopping for their wants.

testerg354373d ago

Wait.. so $40 for a demo + $60 for the final game = $100 is ok?

gamingisnotacrime4373d ago

if that is the case, GT5P has as much and in some cases more content than some full games, and the price is more than fair.
No way to hide Halo 3 ODST is a rip off at $60, and fans of the series, just like fans of GT (me) will buy everything to get the whole experience


Iceman X4373d ago

$60 Halo 3, $30 for all 3 maps packs,then $60 Halo ODST =$150 for the Full Halo expierence.

DSI4373d ago

Dude, you're such a hypocrit. Halo ODST is a new campaign, had a new multiplayer mode, and also includes all the halo map.

Some how you can't see that yet you can easily see the added value of GT5 and GT5P, even though GT5 hasn't released yet and you really don't know what you will be getting.

gamingisnotacrime4373d ago

If Halo ODST had a $40 tag, end of discusion
but it cost as much as Uncharted 2, Forza 3, Gears 2 etc.
Do you think ODST deserves the price tag, suit yourself, go buy it
I expect more for the heavy $60 tag

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Kushan4373d ago

Halo 3 isn't really "nickel and diming". Overcharging with ODST for sure, but "nickel and diming" is more along the lines of Microtransactions. The Avatar Marketplace and PS Home are both equally guilty of this. EA has a history of it and companies like Namco have tried their hand at it as well (look at Tales of Vesperia DLC, Soul Calibur IV and so on).

I hate the idea of paying "a few MS points" for a small amount of content. Sure, 800 points doesn't seem like a lot for a couple of MP maps, but 800 points is about £6 here, that's about 1/6 or 1/7 of the price of a retail game on launch day - those 2 or 3 maps are NOT equivalent to 1/6 or 1/7th of the content of the whole game.

Normally if I think something is overpriced, I wait a few weeks or months and let healthy competition drive the prices down, but with DLC only ONE store sells it - they HAVE no competition, so the prices never ever come down, except for some short-lived "deal of the week" BS that still hardly ever reduces the price to an acceptable amount.

I love DLC, I love the idea of extending our games beyond what we bought on launch day, but publishers all over are using it as an excuse to rape our wallets =\

dragonelite4373d ago

No man sony doesnt nickel&dimes everything sony does is fan service.

Evoluti0n4373d ago

Define; 'Everything Sony does' and 'fan service.'

Not trying to be an a$$ just simply asking a question, to better understand your statement.

blu_yu_away4373d ago

Pretty sure Dragon's comment was meant as sarcasm.

Double Toasted4373d ago

you don't like what companies are selling yet you buy the product...and still aren't happy. In other words..."don't want it? Don't buy it..."

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