Gamespy Preview Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

While the gaming world has been enamored with the likes of other Sony PS3 titles such as Heavenly Sword for some time, Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has remained shrouded in mystery.

Now, a year later, the game's got a title, a new trailer, and a playable build. Gamespy got a lot of hands-on time with the Uncharted demo, and they're confident that it could end up being one of the best titles to grace the PS3 this year.

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techie4475d ago

It's not screens's a writtem preview

achira4475d ago

yeah a awesome game. but i think the best will be killzone2, perhaps lair, or hs, or lbp, or warhawk ? dude i cant decide.

Jamaicangmr4475d ago

The more i see these screen shots of this game it looks more and more beautiful. Drake uses very realistic lightin i mean just look at the refraction off the charactor. Naughty Dog is one of my favs sinse Crash so am definatly keepin a close eye on this one. Just can't get over the visuals they look simply outstanding but then again it's a Naughty Dog game i expect no less.