PS3 answer to Tomb Raider looking nice

CVG is pleasantly surprised by these new screens of Naughty Dog's latest work - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is looking very good indeed.

Previously known simply as Big, it follows the lead character, Ethan Drake, on a mission to prove he's a descendant of Sir Francis Drake (eh?) and find his treasure.

Naughty Dog is keeping quiet on the bigger picture but has revealed that Ethan's exploits will take him through an Amazonian jungle, ancient temples, and even out at sea on a derelict warship.

You can see, just by looking at these screens, that Naughty Dog is aiming to make Drake's Fortune somewhat a technical masterpiece. Drake himself will apparently be put into motion with over 3000 animations. The game will also feature absolutely no loading times past the initial boot-up, streaming all those hi-res textures and detailed environments right off the Blu-Ray disc.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is due for release in November.

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fenderputty4480d ago

In the last 24 hours, it has quickly risen to be as anticiapated as Heavenly Sword for me. I simply cannot wait for these games to come.

techie4480d ago

CVG are so lame. They didn't get invited to Gamer's Day so they are talking about screens. Funny sh*t

fenderputty4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

They're the only people talking trash on these games and it's cause they're butthurt.

quote from 1up about Lair which CVG trashed: "Playing Lair, one word really comes to mind: Epic. Seriously, the experience of flying through these stunning, expansive landscapes with tons going on all around you and a fantastic orchestral score playing underneath is really quite something. You've simply not experienced anything like this before -- certainly not on this scale. The lighting and weather effects (lightning and rain were specifically impressive), the draw distance (you can see for miles and miles), the amount of on screen action at times (tons of other dragons flying through the air, ships in the sea, and warriors on the ground), and the ability to simply and seamlessly switch between fighting high in the sky and down on the ground -- this is absolutely a next generation experience."

To me it sounds as if everyone but the idiots has been left with their jaws down after this event. It's not even their big hitters either. We still haven't seen MGS4 , Killzone or any other nice surprises like Folklore.

lil bush4480d ago

lair will kick ass imo, but drake is going to be awesome......

Saint Sony4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

I bet the game play will be nice in Uncharted, but I thought this so called AAA title would look a LOT better based on the PS3 fan comments of how much better the PS3 games will look because of its power. I guess I still have to wait.

Babylonian4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

you can't, cause their isn't. So please GET OUT. You 360 owners saw the trailers of Sony gamers day of these games and said "meh".

Now please, please tell me what kind of fun games are their coming to the 360 that can top these besides FPS and unreal engine sh!t.

When people talk about Halo 3 not being that great you guys go "gameplay more then graphics, gameplay > graphics or b-but but but it's beta, it's beta, beta beta beta".

Now I hear some sites say the beta played like Halo 2 but a bit better: yeah yeah I know "it's beta". Well I say fu*k your beta, this game (Uncharted) was just a demo and still it looked amazing

I know that every time you people see something great coming to the PS3 you get kind of jealous, but it's your own "choice" so deal with it.

techie4480d ago


Look a lot better? This game looks better than anything you've seen. SO I have no idea what you're talking about. Best animation in a game, best textures. Yes it has a few bugs. But still best animation, best facial, some of the best lighting. This game beats almost everything in every area before it.

Saint Sony4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

How the hell you know what I've seen? Don't rise yourself to pedestal and say what others have seen! (edited: too much personal info) My comments are MY opinions and some "NEWS" god from N4G can't change them. So please GET OUT!..ffs.

Just because you're obsessed about some game does not make the game perfect.

fenderputty4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

How far up your arss do you have to look to find this sshit? lol

You're so full of it your eyes are starting to turn a mixture of green and brown.

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The story is too old to be commented.