New PS3 Exclusive: PAIN

Here is a trailer for the hilarious and demoralising PAIN on the PS3.

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fury4940d ago

no seriously...what's the point in this? hell, it still looks like a lot of fun...

fenderputty4940d ago

I have to show this video to some of my friends. Their favorite part of Motorstorm is the crashes and ragdoll affects. This is like that * 10. If it's a mediocore priced game download, I'll have it for sure.

Antan4940d ago

Hahaha! very funny!! does indeed look like fun!

Rockstar4940d ago

Funny as hell.

I wonder how the game will actually play.

Task one: Use the slingshot and hit 3 birds a clown and a car to go to next task or something like that.

etc, etc.
Looks like a good time.

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The story is too old to be commented.