Even Nintendo Thinks Wii's a GAMECUBE

Some say the Wii is nothing more than a GAMECUBE with a motion sensing controller. But, what does Nintendo of America think? Reader Ham writes:

" I received my replacement Wii in the mail today (quite speedy since i sent in the request last friday), and when i opened it up, lo and behold, the label heralded the arrival of my Gamecube replacement. All that griping about the Wii really being just two gamecubes stuck together must have gotten to someone up at NOA. I had a good laugh.

Freudian slip?

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eepiccolo4475d ago

The label actually reads "GAMECUBE ADV", which sounds like Gamecube Advance. That's actually pretty funny, and almost disturbingly accurate. I mean, think about it. The Gameboy Advance could play Gameboy games, the Wii can play GC games. The GBA was more compact, and the Wii is more compact. Hmmmmmm...

gta_cb4475d ago

well sums it up then =P i still have a GBA, but if i wanna play a GBA game i would nick my brothers GBA SP as built in battery, light etc

PS360WII4475d ago

Seeing that Nintendo has owned the handheld market forever why not use that same tactic on consoles. Why not right it seems to be working out quite well really. Smart thinking for sure

ItsDubC4475d ago

My only question is, since when did Nintendo make consoles in the USA?

ITR4475d ago

I got a DS power supply replacement and it said Gameboy ADV SPL.

But when did the Wii parts start coming from inside the US?

scarlett_rg4475d ago

That's pretty damn funny actually.

Maybe if I send them a Gamecube and some duct tape they'll send me a Wii back?

socomnick4475d ago

All the good old wii the minigame machine . How I loathe the wii

ItsDubC4475d ago

lol, you loathe a piece of electronics? Get a life.

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The story is too old to be commented.