IGN: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Hands-on (New Screens)

Naughty Dog's first PS3 project is going to turn some heads. As it turns out, company president and all around nice guy Evan Wells said that his team created Uncharted: Drake's Fortune with that exact idea in mind.

It shows.

Even at this unfinished point in its development, the texture work and special effects in Uncharted are phenomenal, while the animations are equally impressive. Consider this: lead character Ethan Drake boasts more than 3000 animations alone with individual sequences based on a specific shot... that's quite an attention to detail.

Perhaps even more notable is the fact that, once the game starts, there won't be any loading at all. Everything is streamed directly off the Blu-ray disc (level data, animation, sound, etc) and while such a feat has been done in other titles, we can't recall one that had this much activity going on as it happened.

Please read on.

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consolewar4481d ago

i'm really wondering what was M$ thinking when they design the 360, by the look of this the 360 is not worth $400.00 more like $300. Indeed this game looks way too cool, too bad the ps3 is so expensive.

techie4481d ago

All ingame pictures people. The thing about the gameplay and trailer gametrailers have is that it's off screen and washed out. The actual this has a lot more contrast

This is videogame porn

specialguest4481d ago

I can't view the video since im stuck at work, but the new screens are very impressive. Hopefully you'll have a PS3 by then Deep. If not, then we need to get a N4G donation thing going for you. hahaha

techie4481d ago could still start the donation right?

Let's say I'll get the ps3...but i need to buy games right?

Money PLEASE :P ;)

snoop_dizzle4481d ago

i really want to play this game

SIX4481d ago

PS3 not a gaming machine?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Could have fooled me.

VirtualGamer4481d ago

This is definately why I bought a PS3! So many awesome games coming out and its only going to get better and better.

(In a Randy Jackson voice) Naughty Dog is the "BOMB" baby!

techie4481d ago

Games games games...this is what should be all about

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The story is too old to be commented.