Ireland trying to court Realtime Worlds, other Scottish devs with tax holiday

In an attempt to kick-start its own video game industry, Ireland has begun to target a number of high-profile Scottish game development studios, attempting to woo them over to the Emerald Isle by offering a five-year tax holiday. Colin Macdonald, manager of Dundee-based APB developer Realtime Worlds, responded by saying "if the package on offer in Ireland was attractive we'd have to give it serious consideration." Other Scottish developers who could be influenced by the tax holiday include Rockstar North, Denki, Ruffian Games and Dynamo Games.

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Lucreto4373d ago

It would be interesting if this happens. 12.5% corporation tax is annoying the Germans imagine what a five year tax break will do. It would annoy them even more if they bring in the anti violent game law and Crytek move to Ireland.

irish-leprecaun4373d ago

are welcome to the emerald isle anytime!
unlike in the past there are plenty of spuds to go round!!

heroicjanitor4373d ago

Our bacon is 10 times nicer than Canada's and Scotlands! We have plenty of pork for all and also we have a few programmers too if you're interested

IrishRepublicanArmy4373d ago

not sure id want to work with one but i know plenty of friends studying computers especially in dcu.

frjoethesecond4373d ago

Yo IRA, u can bomb the studios if they end up in the north right?

I'm aware this was in bad taste. Remember when aids was finally funny. Similar principal here.

christian hour4372d ago

Sweet deal if it goes through, works out good for some freinds I know doing game deign courses.


I voted no on that b*tch last time, bullship that they think they can just ask for a re-vote. Democracy don't work like that. So the way I see it, regardless of arguments on both sides, a yes to lisbon is a no to the workings and foundations of democracy.

Sorry for bringing politics in here but I figured since its only Irish people posting in here really that it would be okay :P

Lucreto4372d ago

Libertas are liard and should not be trusted. Sinn Fein are the same. They laied last time but we know they are now and I will vote Yes like I did last time.

Save Ireland Vote Yes.

christian hour4372d ago

Guess there's only one way to settle this Lucreto. Fight to the death in our underwear suspended above the liffey, the part near heuston station, the bit that looks all manky and muddy when the tide is out. Loser gets thrown into that gunk!

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LightofDarkness4373d ago

Sweet, I might get a career out of this.

Well, good old Sean Lemass and TK Whitaker brought this in before to entice foreign companies to move their development here. And by god did it work. Let's hope the same applies here, I'd love to see Ireland put on the map for game development, it could also be a real boon to the economy. Games are BIG business these days, and I'm glad to see our government realizes this.

fossilfern4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

now all that has to be done is for stormont or even the central goverment, westminster, to invest to get gaming companies to Northern Ireland :D !! which means if i get a carrer in gaming i dont have to go to other parts of the parts of the UK e.g. Scotland

Myth-Psn4372d ago

you couldn't just go south?It's still ireland after all...

Myth-Psn4372d ago

Ireland could really use some of these high profile devs, Oh and to the abov, the north isn;t following this policy,Ireland has the lowest corporation tax in Europe anyway, I'm not surprised by this because the study of computer programming type of courses is gaining popularity in Irish colleges/universities.