Kazunori Yamauchi, Class Winner in the Nürburgring 4 Hour Race wrote: "On August 29, in the 8th round of the VLN series at Germany's Nurburgring circuit, "Gran Turismo" series producer, Kazunori Yamauchi achieved a Class win in SP8 (engine "close to production" class / Lexus IS F). Mr Yamauchi had only experienced 2 races prior to this in normal cars. In his first racing car, in his first international race, and competing on the Nurburgring for the first time, this achievement proves above all else that training within Gran Turismo is truly effective."

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Isaahc4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

This is how you know that GT5 i a racer sim in a class above all, the creator himself is a pro racer. Not some guy who keep blabbering nonsenses.

edit: I feel sorry for those who think gt5's physics are bad, seriously how wrong can physics go with a man who races and win them behind the work. If you're one of those people you need to drive more... no you need to experience real racing , gt5 is as close as it gets. My old pop use to take me on joyrides back in my country. One thing I can guarantee ya is racing is way different experience than driving to your local market.

badz1494284d ago

a true racer and great VG developer! I knew he id used to drive cars on circuits but winning race? and at Nürburgring? that's just too classy! props to him!

Major_Tom4284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

The definitive difference, Polyphony Digital actually sits in a car and drives and races in them while Turn 10 plays barbie dress up with their dynamometers.

Peter North4284d ago

Snorza 3 is a complete joke.

cmrbe4284d ago

a real world class winner.

UltimateIdiot9114283d ago

This is why the auto industry trust and respext PD. There was a story on how GT turn gamers to racerand now the dev himself, you know they are doing something rigbt. This type of PR is the one I want to hear about not I'm the best type PR. Can't wait till March.

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