New Half-Life 2: Episode Two trailer

CVG had to Say the following news about the new New Half-Life 2: Episode Two trailer:

"Freeman's latest adventure plus TF2 and Portal on show in Valve triple whammy
God, Half-Life 2: Episode Two is looking great. Anyone who needs to be reminded why they should be gazing with longing at the end of the year for its release is under orders to view a new trailer of Valve's episodic FPS opus. And if you don't need to be reminded, check it out anyway. As per usual, click over right to our video player for the goods.

In addition to showing Episode Two, the trailer features footage from Valve's multiplayer FPS Team Fortress 2 and the puzzle game Portal, both of which will be out with Episode Two. Admittedly we've seen some of the footage before, but it's still great looking at the old stuff if you've not seen it for a while.

The trailer is a promo for Half-Life 2: Black Box for PC, which will contain Episode Two, TF2 and Portal. An Orange Box edition is releasing for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and includes the Black Box content in addition to Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One.

Valve Software recently revealed it's working hard on putting the final parts of Half-Life 2: Episode Two together, and has also hinted that Episode Three will take us to the arctic. Sounds cool (ahem)."

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