No UMD conversion for PSP Go

Gamespot reports: "Existing PSP owners hoping to pick up a PSP Go and transfer their existing UMD games to the handheld are going to be out of luck--Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment America have confirmed that there will be no way to transfer existing UMD purchases to the new download-only PSP Go..."

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hitthegspot4328d ago

People want BC... Where is the love? What should I do with all these games?

I know I won't be slapping down $250 for one of these.

justpassinggas4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )


It isn't meant for people who already own PSPs. Sony isn't discontinuing the PSP3000 or forcing developers to stop releasing games on UMD. This is only for those that prefer to not carry around their game library or who don't want to rebuy games if they lose their physical copies and generally people who do not own any UMD games and/or PSPs.

AnonUser55554328d ago

I just think that logic by Sony is just RIDICULOUSLY flawed.

If someone has not wanted a PSP before now, they are certainly not going to drop $250 on this. I really think the only shot Sony had at selling a decent amount of these PSPGOs would be for their MOST HARDCORE fans to buy another PSP.

But since they don't care about UMD conversion, and they've ALSO alluded to the fact that not ALL future games will be available digitally, they're really shooting themselves in the foot.

meepmoopmeep4328d ago

this totally sucks, i'm not about to re-buy all my games. i have like 15 games.

but the convenience of the Go is really good for travel though since it's all on a mem card.

IdleLeeSiuLung4328d ago

I remember when Sony said BC was important for the PS3. They went back on their word and removed it. Then they said PSP Go will get a UMD conversion program. Then they went back on their word again. This is all by high ranking Sony officials.

I was interested in a PSP since I kind of outgrew the DS experience, but I'm voting with my wallet. I'm not buying!

They can keep their overpriced piece of technology with limited functionality compared to their 4 year old PSP!

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OrganicMachine4328d ago

the ones that don't have PSPs

I think that they're trying to lure current PSP owners to shift towards PSPGO but they probably figure out that none of those peope will be willing to fork out $250 on a new PSP, so it'll be probably more profitable for them just basically after a new Audience, the ones who currently don't own a PSP.

TapiocaMilkTea4328d ago

That makes sense. I, for one, never had a PSP and now tempted to get one. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer and probably won't spend a lot of time on the PSP, but having a small gaming device is quite useful from time to time. The itouch casual games wasn't enough to justify a purchase, but now the PSP is different, on top of those minis, there're also must-have big gaming titles that I can commit to.

LukaX234328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Thanks for posting the same story, with the same title, for the TEN THOUSANDTH TIME.

KILLERAPP4328d ago

That is sad, but maybe there holding that back for the PSP 2.

KilZoneGeneralStrife4328d ago

I dont own God of War 1,2.I'll pick it up on blu ray,but hell no I wont rebuy ps2 games for ps3.likewise,I have a psp2000,Hell No. .i wont rebuy digital games I own.youre making the psp Go a FAIL by not fixing the problem,sony.

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