Heavenly Sword Media HD

Here is some media of Heavenly Sword from Sony Gamer's Day. Click on the video link below the embedded videos to view in HD.

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Razzy4262d ago

Those videos.....damn. **drools**

sgaap4262d ago

Wow, this looks awesome! Nice gfx

PS3 Owns All4262d ago

Whoaaa....simply stunning. This is a killer app must buy! 360 fanboys can't say anything bad about that.If they do then its just hating. This game I will definately buy.

Maldread4262d ago

This looks absolutely spectacular. Heavenly Sword has gone from a "just another game" for me at it`s first showing at E3 2005, to become one of my most anticipated games this year.

I think the PS3`s power is becoming more apparent with games like this and Lair. They really should show more of them, but i guess E3 this year should be very interesting, as we get to see more of Heavenly Sword and other games Sony has against it`s competition.

Shadow Flare4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

This game looks frickin phatacular. From all that i've heard, the gameplay sounds indredible and the graphics look amazing! Am i smelling the power of the ps3 coming into play?

Interesting note: This game launches the same day as Halo 3. They have the same amount of time left to finish the game. However Heavenly Sword graphically puts Halo 3 to shame so far. Halo has proven it has solid gameplay, we know that. But the people who bring up 'Uh, Halo 3 is still in Beta stages ', well Xbox 360's No.1 AAA should be looking better than Heavenly Sword by now

I'm wondering more and more now whether what we've seen for Final Fantasy XIII could be ingame

Violater4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Glorious bloodshed!!
People prepare a major Game storm is coming.

fenderputty4262d ago

Seriously .... I was up soooo late last night looking at footage from these games. Gamers Day has been like a sneak preview of all the money I'm going to be spending.

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The story is too old to be commented.