Can you buy cheap PSP games?

Second hand PSP games are hard to come by, but not if you follow the advice of this article which has a run down of the best stones to look under, online and high street, for PSP bargains.

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Torch4481d ago

is that pretty much every brand new, in-demand title fall drastically in price rather quickly, thereby negating the desire (or need) to purchase used.

For example, it was no less than a month ago where I saw Metal Gear P.O. and Test Drive unlimited for a paltry CN$30.

The strange thing about PSP titles (much more so than other gaming systems) is that prices of individual titles fluctuate ever so drastically from retailer to retailer: If a particular retailer carries one much cheaper than others, other titles they carry may be much more expensive. So it really pays to shop around.

I also find that PSP games go on sale quite often.