IGN: PSPgo Video Review

Take a look at IGN video review of the PSPgo.

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Milky4317d ago

I dont get how they can give a score at the end. Is it compared to the PSP 3000?

renegade4317d ago

Check the altenative source i put, there's the full review of the new pspgo

deadreckoning6664317d ago

Fair Score in my opinion. If the PSP 3000 wasn't available, it would of been higher. My friend ill buy it on thursday, but I think hes pissing his money away considering he already has 2 PSP 3000s.

Montrealien4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

For me the Go is a, umm, a no go. My 2 3000s are all I need, this is just a waste of money inho.

Sunny_D4316d ago

Dumb bot, you keep showing us a compressed picture along with showing us pictures of an old build. Yet it looks better than a full 720p pic of Forza 3.

saimcheeda4316d ago

u forgot to do ur homework, teachers gonna scold u at school!

saint_john_paul_ii4317d ago

this review sounded more like an 8.

IzKyD13314317d ago

It's very aesthetically pleasing, but I'd rather have solid media than digital only games.

saint_john_paul_ii4317d ago

i guess the fact that sony isnt currently doing a program to transfer from UMD to DD for current PSP users is possibly the reason why this is getting a 7 from IGN.

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The story is too old to be commented.