iPhone Review: ZOOZbeat Pro | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "In all seriousness, it won't let you make stuff that's all THAT great and everything still sounds like triggered samples, but as an app that's fun to just play around with to make some nifty-sounding music, it's worth it, as it is fun to play around with and make some cool layered tracks without much difficulty. And you can even share your tracks via (and your songs available as soon as they're shared and you can download them as mp3s, which is to be lauded). ZOOZbeat Pro is $4.99 (there are a few other single musical style ZOOZbeat apps out there, but if you're interested, get the Pro version, the other styles are fun to play around with as well) and is worth it if you want to mess around with music without actually having to put in the work for making music."

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bgrundman4317d ago

So is this like a glorified sound board?

wondroushippo4317d ago

Kind of. Or tracker software with built-in samples. Still, it seems pretty cool, and there is at least one free version out there.

Haly4317d ago

Sounds a pretty cool concept

bgrundman4317d ago

At least it is not another freakin' match 3 game.

roblef4317d ago

hell to the yeah. can't abide another one of them