Capcom w/o Shinji Mikami = Out of ideas?

REHorror writes: "Resident Evil 5 has been released as one of the first entries in the series that was made without any possible conection from the creator and sometimes producer of the series, Shinji Mikami.

Jun Takeuchi did the work of Shinji Mikami, along with Masachika Kawata to create this game.
But did they really innovate the game?
Or they just made a Resident Evil 4 in disguise with HD?"

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Blasphemy4316d ago

I have to say I was disappointed in the gameplay in Resident Evil 5. It's sad we may never get a truly unique Resident Evil experience again because Shinji is no longer with Capcom.

ChickeyCantor4316d ago

WAsnt he upset because Capcom ported it to the PS2 anyway?

SpoonyRedMage4316d ago

Apparently so, he seemed to want the Resident Evil franchise to continue on Nintendo platforms. I don't really think there was much innovation before Resi 4 though.

phantomexe4316d ago

I wish they would go back to when RE was a survivor horror instead of whatever RE is now.It's cool tho dead space feels the spot quiet well.

adnanrules4316d ago

Resident evil 5, he had nothing to do with it.

FinalomegaS4316d ago

And RE5 didn't have that RE feel to it, compared to RE4 it was really different.

Only thing I play it for is the Merc mode. I want full side game with either wesker or Jill. Maybe add Leon into Merc mode. and new maps.

I think they did it on purpose to have RE5 feel like it was missing so they can add DLC after.