STP: Above and Beyond Air Combat Review

You can always tell when something looks good, but you never know how it's going to handle until you actually get it home. Luckily, that's not a problem with Above and Beyond Air Combat, and you can tell a lot of work has gone into making sure the flight controls back up those glitzy screenshots.

Using the accelerometer to guide your craft in and out of turns and loop de loops has never been more fun, and the open world environment gives you plenty of freedom to let loose in the sky. The world here consists of 62 islands, and you'll largely be free to tackle them in the order of your choice, though a few will be locked until you conquer the adjacent islands.

This freedom is the game's biggest strength and weakness. The adventure of setting out towards the island of your choice can be exhilarating, and this keeps the game from being frustrating if you find one island too difficult to beat. On the other hand, there's no story to keep you going-- just your own determination and the prospect of earning more credits.

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