AppSmile: Tumblebugs Review

AppSmile writes: "Tumblebugs is a new app from Tag Games and Connect2Media. It's an entry in the popular marble-shooter genre, with clear inspiration coming from games like Luxor and Zuma. The primary audience for this app is probably kids, although it will still be fun for adults.Your mission is help Tumble, the titular hero, to save his "beetle buddies" from the Evil Black Bug Empire. The gameplay is similar to other marble shooters. Tumble saves his buddies by firing marbles/beetles at the string and matching the colors in threes or more before the beetles disappear into the Black Bugs' evil lair. Aiming the marbles can be quirky, but once you get a feel it's not terrible. Fat fingered players will have some trouble; an aiming beam feature or bonus would be a nice addition. Quick Tip: I found that aiming a half-finger left of where I wanted usually hits the spot."

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