Rainbow Six: Vegas PS3 images

With less than a month until the release, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas is back with some more images. Ubisoft seem to have done well with the porting to the Playstation 3.

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achira4268d ago

looks good to me. but i have the feeling, that all screenshots (pc,xbox360,ps3) are the same (the pc version).


tbh i think that is still x box 360 -v.
I will await more news

If this is ps3 thank u for finding a least something
Details will be better anytime soon

SuperSaiyan44268d ago

The images look a bit hazey i.e. fuzzy, as always with pics its not the best way to judge a game, best to actually wait for some vids like on

Grown Folks Talk4268d ago

just the look of the game actually. i have it for the 360. it always has that kind of static look to it. 1 of my favorite games. i think you'll enjoy it.

iNcRiMiNaTi4268d ago

if i could only play people on ps3....i dont really care which version is better, all i wanna do is play against more people....and ps3 owners get free shyt i had to pay for.....dammit man

sony4life4268d ago

Its ok dude i hate that for you. MS is just full of themselves and wants to sqeeze every penny out of it customers. Besides you have great games that we cant play.

tehcellownu4268d ago

well at least ps3 owners is gettin the game..but ubisoft needs to port it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope it turns out great !!

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The story is too old to be commented.