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GrE writes, "It must be really hard trying to create a unique and innovative 3rd person shooter these days. With so many games out in the genre, from titles like Gears of War to Stranglehold and all points in-between, you have to think that virtually every innovative idea has already been used, so creating something that stands out from the crowd becomes very difficult indeed. Some developers don't try to create something that dissimilar from the rest, instead choosing to try and perfect the formula and make an unmissable game. Others try something a little different, trying to grab your attention with some kind of hook or gimmick. Then there are games like WET, who try to stand out from the crowd by a strong visual and presentational style. Stand out it certainly does, but does it do enough to hold your attention after reeling you in? Read on to find out more..."

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bgrundman4325d ago

Despite what I have heard about this game, I am still interested... even though it seems fairly misogynistic

roblef4325d ago

Word. I played the demo this weekend and...meh. Plus I feel a little wrong about just wanting to watch the fake girl's butt as she shoots people.

wondroushippo4325d ago

Now see, I know a girl who has played it and didn't exactly find it misogynistic, I guess. But she is crazy.

bgrundman4325d ago

Do games like this make you start to worry about what female gamers think?

roblef4325d ago

Dude. Games like this just prove the point that men are making the games, and men are buying them. young, horny men. A game like mirror's edge didn't seem this exploitative. We need more characters like Faith, that I don't mind my daughter playing, and less like this stereotype of a man's fantasy.

roblef4325d ago

I'd recommend the demo. nothing about it made me want to go buy the game.

Kleptic4325d ago

yeah the game is pretty stinky imo...visually its worse than UE3, which is saying something these days...some 'ok' ideas gameplay wise with targeting two people at once with independent arms...but its poorly implemented, and makes the game overly easy (one automatically shoots someone while you control the other arm?...wait, what?)...

but if you like these types of third person shooters...go dig up Stranglehold, you could buy it for less than renting wet...and its superior in every way from what I can tell...yet still painfully average...or you could probably download Max Payne 2 for your PC somewhere...which is easily still the best game of this type by far...despite being half a decade old now...the funniest part is that MP2 still looks better than any of the other titles I just mentioned...

Haly4325d ago

I played it across a weekend and I did quite enjoy it, but for the most part it is pretty average. Fun if you can find it dirt cheap though.

notbob4325d ago

This is one of the more meh looking games i have seen.

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